Study Abroad Ambassadors

Study Abroad Ambassadors are students from the University of Memphis who recently studied abroad and want to share insights on their recent experiences. Please feel free to email them with questions regarding study abroad.



Courtney Bailey
Study Abroad Programs:
CEA in Shanghai, China (Semester)
Major: Teaching English as a Second Language
Chinese culture brings a whole new meaning to food. It is used as a way to bring people together and enjoy each others company. I spent many days just looking forward to trying new and crazy Chinese foods with some of the most incredible friends I made abroad.





Amber Jackson
Study Abroad Program:
Spanish in San Jose, Costa Rica (Summer), Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand (Semester)
Major: Hospitality and Resort Management
Study abroad was honestly the best decision I've ever made. I was able to view the world from a different perspective and fully immerse myself in a culture I absolutely love and respect. The skills I developed as a hospitality student and personal growth I gained makes me very thankful! I know without a doubt I would not be the person I am today without this experience.



Jacob Riddle
Study Abroad Programs:
Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan (Academic Year) and J.F. Oberlin University in Tokyo, Japan (Summer)
Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Political Science, Asian Studies International Trade, and Japanese Language.

I enjoyed the immersion in Japanese culture. Studying the culture of another country in America can never replace experiencing it first-hand.



Kayla Sommerville
Study Abroad Program:
Medical Spanish and Health Science in San Jose, Costa Rica (Semester)
Pre-Health Studies
During my time in Costa Rica, I grew to love the people. Ticos are generally super friendly and helpful people. I also loved my familia tica (my host family) and my roommates. Additionally, I grew to love Costa Rica itself; it is a beautiful country with so many different types of ecosystems. I loved that I got the chance to travel to different parts of country and to both Nicaragua and Panama without having to pay a lot for the actual traveling. Oh and last but certainly not least, I grew to love gallo pinto, which is a signature tico dish consisting of rice and beans.



Daniel Sullins
Study Abroad Programs:
Catholic University of Lille European Summer Program (Summer 2014, Summer 2015)
Major(s): French, Communications, and International Studies
For me, study abroad was about making myself uncomfortable so that I could grow. I liked not knowing what it would be like to do normal, every day things that I do here at home. Being in a place where you can learn from everything - eating food, buying groceries, meeting people - allowed me to learn through everything I took part in, and that was the coolest thing for me.