Study Abroad Ambassadors

Study Abroad Ambassadors are students from the University of Memphis who recently studied abroad and want to share insights on their recent experiences. Please feel free to email them with questions regarding study abroad.

alex craft

Alex Craft

Study Abroad Program: Spanish in Costsa Rica in San Jose, Costa Rica (Summer 2016)

My favorite part of studying abroad was meeting different students from all over the country. I increased my knowledge of Spanish and Costa Rican culture and was inspired to become a Spanish major.

Major: Spanish, History



Daniel Sullins

Study Abroad Programs: Catholic University of Lille European Summer Program (Summer 2014, Summer 2015), Teaching English as a Foreign Language in the Czech Republic (Summer 2016)

For me, study abroad was about making myself uncomfortable so that I could grow. I liked not knowing what it would be like to do normal, every day things that I do here at home. Being in a place where you can learn from everything - eating food, buying groceries, meeting people - allowed me to learn through everything I took part in, and that was the coolest thing for me.

Major: International Masters Business Administration (IMBA)



Miaya Johnson

Study Abroad Program: J.F. Oberlin University in Tokyo, Japan (Academic Year 2016 - 2017)

One of my favorite aspects of the Study Abroad experience was observing Japan’s traditional customs and modern practices through each season. I was able to go to various school events, local shrines, temples, and festivals seasonally, and because of this I had the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and history on a more personal level.

Major: Japanese
Minor: Graphic Design


kenny myers

Kenny Myers

Study Abroad Program: Liverpool Hope University in Liverpool, United Kingdom (Spring 2017)

Studying Abroad offers several opportunities, but my favourite part was traveling. Each time I took a bus, a train, or a plane I felt a sense of wonder and excitement. There was no better feeling than knowing that each time I travelled I would be stepping in a new land, and getting to learn about a new culture.

Major: Business Information Technology



Deja Price

Study Abroad Program: Wuhan University in Wuhan, China (Summer 2016)

Studying abroad in Wuhan, China was by far one of my favorite experiences in life so far. I got to practice cultural relativism, eat authentic Chinese food, and meet new people. I became friends with my teachers, improved my Chinese language skills, and got out of my comfort zone. 

Major: International Business
Minors: Business Finance, Chinese



Candise Standley

Study Abroad Program: CEA French Alps: Grenoble, France - Intensive French Language (Spring 2017)

The independence and freedom of traveling solo was great! I was able to meet a lot more people when traveling by myself and now I have friends from all over the world outside of my study abroad program. 

Major: Business Administration
Minor: French



Molly Stout

Study Abroad Programs: API in Rome, Italy: Scuola Lorenzo de'Medici (Summer 2015), Universidad Carlos III Madrid in Madrid, Spain (Academic Year 2016 - 2017)

Study abroad was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! The friends that I made and the memories that I made with them will always be in the back of my mind. I experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity (twice) and it will forever be a part of me.

Major: Anthropology, Political Science, International Studies
Minor: Spanish



Karizma Whitfield

Study Abroad Program: ISA Korea University in Seoul, South Korea (Summer 2017)

My favorite aspect of studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea was the thrill of the unknown and having to step out of my comfort zone. I have personally grown through this experience, improved my professional skills, and gained lots of friends through the program. 

Major: International Business