Faculty Resources

ACAD 1100 is a three hour academic course designed to teach students the academic strategies needed to be successful as a college student at the University of Memphis.

Academic Responsibility

Academic Standards Pretest
Email Interaction with Faculty
Factors Limiting Academic Success Worksheet
GPA Calculation Worksheet
GPA Worksheet
GPA Worksheet with Questions
Late Paper Blame Activity
Late Paper Discussion Questions - Instructor Guide
Learning Plan, Projected GPA Exercise

Advising & Degree Planning

2017 ACAD Advising Presentation schedule
Catalog Assignment - Updated 2015

Career Project

Blackjack Dealer Icebreaker 2015
Interest Assessment
Name that Major Facilitator Instructions 2015


Illustration for Partner Draw Activity

Community Building, Syllabus Review, Goal Setting

Classmate Scavenger Hunt
Student Data Sheet
What I Like

Critical Thinking

Crime and Punishment
Design Activity
WORDLES2 Exercise and Key

Final Project Examples

1st Year Experience Film Festival
Group Case Study Presentation
My Freshman Year Thus Far
Public Service Announcement
Surviving Year One
University of Memphis Resources In-Class Presentation

Learning Styles, True Colors, MBTI

Identity Wheel
MBTI Personality Assessment
True Colors Word Sort

Misc. Instructor Resources

Potential Instructor Resources

ACAD Application
Potential Instructors

Reading, Note-taking

Yertle the Turtle Reading Comprehension Exercise

Reading Comprehension Exercise - KEY
Reading Comprehension Exercise
Yertle the Turtle

Concept Map Activity Instructions
Information for Instructors - Concept Maps
Muscle Read
Notes Template
Notice Your Pictures
SQ3R - MBrown
Why Should I Read My Textbook

Study Skills

Study Environment Analysis
Study Skills Checklist
Textbook Study Method Inventory


Are You Ready for Final Exams
Can You Follow Directions
Chapter 6 Quiz
Subjective Essay Verb Competition Directions
Subjective Essay Verbs
Text Anxiety Assessment
Text Anxiety Coping Exam
Test Preparation - Groups
Test Taking Tips Worksheet
Test Taking

Time Management

Balloon Balancing Time Management Activity
How Well Do You Plan
Self-Management Checklist
Time Management Chart
Time Management Number Activity
Time Management Quiz Presentation
Time Management Quiz Score Interpretation
Time Management Quiz
Time Management Revisited
Time Management Toolkit
Work Study School Time Management Excel Workbook

What's Next, Transition to Spring Semester



National Geographic Article
Preparing a Research Paper Activity Handout
Proofreading Activity
Writing Tips

Your Choice

Amazing Race - Tiger Edition
Get To Know the Campus Exercise 2015
Library Exercise 2015
PSU Diversity Activities
Tiger Mascot History
Twitter Scavenger Hunt and Key
UofM Fight Song - Practice and History