Prepare For Advising

Prepare to meet your advisor by following these simple steps:

1. Make your advising appointment. You can schedule an appointment by clicking this link

2. Research majors if you are not sure of yours. The following resources can help:

3. If you know your major, Examine the degree plan for your chosen major using:

4. Review the courses you have already taken.

  • which courses did you enjoy?
  • in which courses did you earn the best grades?
  • are there any courses you need to take over?

5. Think about the courses you would like to take for the upcoming semester(s).

  • what do you want to take?
  • do you have the prerequisites completed?
  • is the course being offered in the upcoming semester?

6. Prepare a list of possible courses based on your research.

7. Create a list of questions for your advisor.