Alumni Association Distinguished Advising Award

Lisa Eldin, College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office

Lisa Eldin Ms. Eldin advises all pre-law and pre-health students, regardless of major. "She has developed comprehensive academic guidelines and helpful checklists for all of the pre-professional programs that are readily available to students both as hard copies and online," said Jack Grubaugh, professor of biology. "She has greatly strengthened our ties with the professional schools, and their representatives have come to know Lisa and respect the work she has done."

Ms. Eldin also created a series of workshop luncheons in which undergraduates have a chance to interact with individuals from the professional community, including healthcare providers, professional school deans, admissions personnel, and successful alumni. "That kind of exposure is a big help in the success of our students," states Dr. Grubaugh.

Nancy Magallanes, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Nancy Magallanes Ms. Magallanes serves as advisor for Spanish undergraduates, the language with the largest enrollment in the department. She typically advises 80 to 100 Spanish majors while also teaching three classes each semester. Ms. Magallanes has demonstrated a ground-breaking approach to advising, said one faculty member.

Her comprehensive orientation includes offering a personalized list of courses that will be most effective for the student, an explanation of course objectives and expectations, a discussion of whether the student needs to emphasize speaking or writing skills based on career choice, and ideas on job market potential. "Nancy is never perfunctory," states Dr. Burgos, professor of Spanish.

"In the fulfillment of her duties, she treats each student with enormous respect and consideration." A former student wrote, "Nancy Magallanes is one of the best things about the University of Memphis. She really cares about students as individuals and as a part of greater society."