Alumni Association Distinguished Research and Creative Achievement Award

George Anastassiou, Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Anastassiou, professor of mathematical sciences, is an internationally renowned mathematician with a wide range of research interests. He started his research in the fields of approximation theory and the theory of probabilities and inequalities, and has also made contributions in the areas of wavelets, neural networks, fractional analysis, and fuzzy sets theory.

According to one of his letters of recommendations, "All the areas are classical, contemporary and difficult, with great international interest and with many applications to industry, technology and to other branches of science."

Dr. Anastassiou has published more than 209 articles in prestigious mathematical publications. (More than 100 of these were published since being awarded his first Alumni Association Distinguished Research Award in 1991.) He is associate editor of 45 mathematical journals and editor-in-chief of three more journals. Dr. Anastassiou has his own book series and is a consultant for five major multinational publication companies.

James Fickle, History

Dr. Fickle is a premiere scholar of environmental history. He has been published widely on land management, forestry, and the institutionalization of forestry management. In 2005 alone he published three books.

One nominator wrote that Dr. Fickle's work has "opened up new perspectives on class tensions and racial dynamics of Southern lumber towns." Governmental and scholarly institutions regularly turn to Dr. Fickle to write their histories, again demonstrating his reputation as one of, if not the, leading scholar of forestry in the United States.

While continuing his duties at the University of Memphis, Dr. Fickle has served as visiting professor of Forest and Conservation History at Yale University for the past two years after being chosen to write a history of Yale's forestry program, the oldest in the United States.