Travel Enrichment Funds

In the spring of 2004, Mr. Philip Donovan initiated The Donovan Travel Enrichment Fund for student and faculty travel. The fund helps support faculty and students who are traveling to research centers, to conferences, or to study abroad programs.

With additional financial support from numerous sponsors, this award has been renamed the College of Arts and Sciences Travel Enrichment Fund. Each year's recipients will be brought together at an annual luncheon with the sponsors to report on what they learned during their travels.

Spring 2008

  • Kristen Iversen-Britt, English - New York, NY
  • Charlie Santo, City & Regional Planning - Baltimore, MD
  • Rebecca Skloot, English - New York, NY
  • Jian Chen, Graduate PhD, Earth Sciences - Boston, MA
  • Chad Clay, Graduate MA, Political Science - San Francisco, CA
  • Lee Griffith, Graduate MFA, English - New York, NY
  • Sara Hoover, Graduate MFA, English - New York, NY
  • Ashley Jackson, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Portland, OR
  • Matthew Pertl, Graduate MFA, English - New York, NY
  • Laura Snider, Graduate MFA, English - New York, NY
  • Adrienne Studaway, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Waikoloa, Hawaii

Summer 2008

  • Ruthbeth Finerman, Anthropology - Saraguro, Ecuador
  • Sage Lambert Graham, English - Cape Town, South Africa
  • Susan Popham, English - Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Charles Santo, City and Regional Planning - Chicago, IL
  • Gregory Taff, Earth Sciences - Lapland
  • Kelly Burkholdt, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Chicago, IL
  • James Conway, Graduate PhD, History - Washington, D.C.
  • Abigail Dees, Junior, International Studies & Foreign Languages - Madrid, Spain
  • Sarah Garland, Graduate PhD., Mathematical Sciences - Cambridge, England
  • Daniel Graubman, Junior, Sociology - China
  • Krista King, Junior, Biology - San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Arsalan Memon, Graduate, PhD, Philosophy - Australia
  • Amy Piccarreto, Graduate PhD, History - Salamanca, Spain
  • Robert Thead, Graduate MA, Political Science - Geneva, Switzerland
  • Jessica Van Dyke, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Toronto, Canada

Fall 2008

  • James Campbell, Mathematical Sciences - Berkeley, CA
  • Jonathan Judaken, History - Manchester, England
  • Marian Levy, Public Health - San Diego, CA
  • Takuya Nakazato, Biology - Southern U.S.
  • Suzanne Onstine, History - Toronto, Canada
  • Gabriella Beckles, Graduate PhD, Philosophy - London, England
  • Katherine Bracken, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Orlando, FL
  • Katherine Fox, Graduate PhD, History - Hawaii
  • Kevin Johnson, Graduate PhD, History - Luxor, Egypt
  • Katarzyna Scherr, Graduate PhD, History - Luxor, Egypt