Faculty Research Grants

Faculty Research Grants (FRG) are internal grant awards intended to promote the scientific, scholarly and creative activity of University faculty. The goals of the FRG program are to provide seed funds for: (1) research projects; (2) faculty embarking on new research areas; or (3) creative activities.

The subject areas are Social Sciences and Business; Arts and Humanities; and Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

  • Remy Debes, Philosophy - "The Value of Persons in the Moral Philosophy of Adam Smith"
  • John Haddock, Mathematical Sciences - "New Principals and Applications for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems"
  • Katherine Lambert-Pennington, Anthropology - "Being Urban and Indigenous: Researching Cultural Change in La Perouse, New South Wales"
  • Dennis Laumann, History - "The CPUSA and African Liberation Movements"
  • Ying Sing Li, Chemistry - "Optical Sensors for Trace Detection of Lipid Peroxidation Products"
  • Carlos Lopez-Estrano, Biology - "Characterization of P. falciparum Preinitiation Complex"
  • Gilbert Parra, Psychology - "Parent Involvement in the Treatment of Child and Adolescent Depression: A Survey of Mental Health Professionals"
  • Jose Pujol, Earth Sciences - "Surface Wave Analysis of Shallow Seismic Data"
  • Kathy Lou Schultz, English - "Uncovering the Tolson Archive"
  • Rebecca Skloot, English - "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"
  • Daniel Unowsky, History - "Rural Violence and Polish Nationalism: The 1898 anti-Jewish Riots in Western Galicia"
  • Dawn Wiest, Sociology - "The Structure of Transnational Social Movement Networks, 1975-2005"