Alumni Association Award for Distinguished Advising

Anna Bess Sorin and Marion C. Powless were awarded the Alumni Association Distinguished Advising Award.

Anna Bess Sorin, Ph.D., Department of Biology - Faculty Advisor

Anna Bess Sorin, an instructor in the Department of Biological Sciences, joined the University in 2003. She is coordinator of the Biology Advising and Resource Center, established in 2008 to manage the large and diverse population of students interested the biological sciences major. Since the creation of the Center, and under the direction of Sorin, the department has seen an increase in students completing their bachelor of science degree. Her philosophy of advising guides by encompassing "two main components: providing guidance with specific degree requirements, and assisting student with understanding and realizing their individual strengths and career goals."

A student commented, "She is very straightforward and puts the student on the path to success." Last year Sorin was a recipient of the Alumni Association Distinguished Teaching Award.

Marion C. Powless, Department of Psychology - Professional Advisor

Marion Chiles Powless, academic advising coordinator for the Department of Psychology, joined that department in 2002 as director of the Academic Advising and Resource Center. In addition to supervising the peer advisors and attendance at campus recruitment events, she oversees the Center's academic advising and referral functions, and provides opportunities to enhance student engagement for more than 900 undergraduate psychology majors.

One of her graduates commented, "Marion Powless is a life changer. She listened and provided me with information. I felt so empowered. I left the office energized about my future. Marion helped me to discover what I have always wanted to do with my life."