Meet Your Counselor

Carol Chancellor (

Carol serves as the Admissions Counselor for all transfer and non-traditional students.

Carol Chancellor

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Degree: B.A. in Psychology, University of Memphis

Favorite Quote: "There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again." -Rumi

Favorite Thing About Memphis: The trees, Overton Park, Shelby Farms, and the Greenline!

Favorite Thing About the University of Memphis: I love the friendly metropolis that is our campus! I value the diversity, the ideas, and the dedication of our faculty, staff and students.

Lauren Robbins (

Lauren serves the Tennessee counties of Carroll, Chester, Decatur, Gibson, Hardeman, Henderson, Perry, and Wayne. Additionally, Lauren serves students from Georgia, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah, and West Virginia.

Lauren Halliburton

Hometown: Ripley, TN

Degree: BS in Exercise Science and Athletic Training, Union University

Favorite Quote:  “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

Favorite Thing About Memphis:  The food and the Grizzlies! I love Central BBQ, whimsy cookie company, and The Grizzlies!

Favorite Thing About the University of Memphis:  One of my favorite things about the UofM is how everyone always makes you feel at home and is so welcoming!

Eli Hatcher (

Eli serves the Tennessee counties of Anderson, Bledsoe, Blount, Bradley, Campbell, Carter, Claiborne, Cocke, Cumberland, Fentress, Grainger, Greene, Hamblen, Hamilton, Hancock, Hawkins, Jefferson, Johnson, Knox, Loudon, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Pickett, Polk, Putnam, Rhea, Roane, Scott, Sevier, Sullivan, Unicoi, Union, and Washington. Eli also serves as the Admissions Counselor for students from Alabama, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.


Hometown: Tuscumbia, AL

Degree: B.A. in Psychology, Auburn University

Favorite Quote:  “Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes.” - Alexandre Dumas

Favorite Thing About Memphis:  I love the history of Memphis, everything from the travel with riverboats and trains to the cultural history and musical heritage.

Favorite Thing About the University of Memphis: The people are fantastic! It can have the feel of a small campus because everyone here seems to be your friend. At the same time the UofM has all the same opportunities of a large university. Oh, the sports are a good added bonus. I guess I can't pick just one! GO TIGERS!

Kayci Henline (

Kayci serves the Tennessee counties of Crockett, Dyer, Hardin, Henry, Lake, Lauderdale, McNairy, Obion, Tipton, and Weakley. Additionally, Kayci serves students from Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Kayci Henline

Hometown: Adamsville, TN

Degree: BSEd in Health and Human Performance, The University of Memphis

Favorite Quote:  “Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln

Favorite Thing About Memphis:  My favorite thing about Memphis is the genuine love that people have for this city. It never ceases to amaze me how positive and optimistic everyone is even when we receive criticism from others.

Favorite Thing About the University of Memphis:  All of the opportunities. No matter where you come from or what you want to do there is an opportunity for you at the University of Memphis; whether it’s a job, an internship, involvement, or simply making new friends. The U of M is a great place to be if you are looking for something exciting every day!

Adam Johnson (

Adam serves the Tennessee counties of Benton, Haywood, Houston, Humphreys, Madison, and Stewart. He also serves as the Admissions Counselor for students from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Adam Johnson

Hometown: Medina, TN

Degree: M.S. University of Tennessee, Martin; B.S. Business Administration, University of Tennessee, Martin

Favorite Quote:  "Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." - Earl Nightingale

Favorite Thing About Memphis:  Too many to pick just one! I love all of the great golf courses in the area, attending Memphis Redbirds games, the Zoo, and especially the great Bar-b-q at The Rendezvous!

Favorite Thing About the University of Memphis: Whether you want to feel like you are attending a large campus or a smaller campus, you can feel right at home at the University of Memphis!

Beckah King (

Beckah serves the Tennessee counties of Bedford, Cannon, Cheatham, Clay, Coffee, Davidson, DeKalb, Dickson, Franklin, Giles, Grundy, Hickman, Jackson, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Macon, Marion, Marshall, Maury, Montgomery, Moore, Overton, Robertson, Rutherford, Sequatchie, Smith, Sumner, Trousdale, Van Buren, Warren, White, Williamson, and Wilson. Additionally, Beckah serves students from California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Mexico, Texas, and Virginia.

Beckah King

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Degree: BPS. Exercise and Sports Science and Sociology, The University of Memphis

Favorite Quote:  “It is with passion, courage of conviction, and strong sense of self that we take our next steps into the world, remembering that first impressions are not always correct. You must always have faith in people. And most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.” - Elle Woods

Favorite Thing About Memphis:  Memphis has class and grit and it's a beautiful mix. We always show people who we are and how far we have come. Oh, and I love all the food!

Favorite Thing About the University of Memphis:  I love that you can have the big campus student life with a small campus vibe. It’s great that you can always run into a friendly face and how there is always something for you to do on campus! Go Tigers Go!

Olivia New (

Olivia serves the Tennessee counties of Fayette and Shelby. Additionally, Olivia serves students from Alaska, the District of Columbia, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina

Olivia New

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Degree: M.Ed. Higher Education Supervision and Administration, Middle Tennessee State University; BPS. Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Memphis

Favorite Quote:  “Say ‘yes’ and you’ll figure it out afterwards” - Tina Fey

Favorite Thing About Memphis:  This entire City is so full of passion. We love our town and we constantly want to see it grow. From the hole-in- the-wall food finds, the concerts at the Levitt Shell, the buffalo at Shelby Farms, to the games at the Fedex Forum, there is literally always something to love!

Favorite Thing About the University of Memphis:  There is a place for everyone! No matter what you like to do you can get plugged in and involved in something so great! From internships to greek life, you have a spot here at the U of M! We are one big happy Tiger family!

Kirbi Tucker (

Kirbi serves the Tennessee county of Shelby. Additionally, Kirbi serves students from Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Kirbi Tucker

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Degree: MPA, Graduate Certificates in Philanthropy, Nonprofit Leadership and Local Government Management, University of Memphis; BA in Psychology, BA in Criminology, Criminal Justice, University of Memphis

Favorite Quote:  “I’ve only just a minute, only sixty seconds in it. Forced upon me, can’t refuse it, didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it, But it’s up to me to use it. I must suffer if I lose it, Give an account if I abuse it, just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it.” - Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

Favorite Thing About Memphis:  As a native Memphian, Memphis is home to me and home is where the heart is. In the famous words of Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home."

Favorite Thing About the University of Memphis:  I am a legacy alumna of the University of Memphis. My parents graduated from The University of Memphis formerly known as Memphis State University. My sisters graduated from The University of Memphis. Therefore, The University of Memphis is our first and only choice. The University of Memphis has provided my family and me vast opportunities to explore an array of different possibilities.