Dual Admissions - Advantages for Students

Dual Admissions Program (DAP) Advantages for TBR Community College Students

  • Students are guaranteed acceptance to University of Memphis upon completion of the A.A., A.S. (A.S.T.) degree at one of the participating colleges. Students in the Dual Admissions Program who meet eligibility requirements are guaranteed admission to University of Memphis but not acceptance into any individual academic discipline which may have additional admission requirements.
  • Students can save money by enrolling for their first two years at one of the participating colleges with lower tuition and fees.
  • Students will become familiar with University of Memphis staff and academic advisors, which should facilitate the transition process.
  • Students will receive academic advising from both institutions, including early advisement from University of Memphis.
  • Students will be able to register during the University of Memphis registration time period immediately following their official notification of admission.