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I chose the to stay home and attend the University of Memphis because I felt like I fit in here. Although I received scholarships other places, the people I met here had so much Tiger Pride, and it was encouraging. I still was able to go away through my study abroad experience in Brussels.

Partnership Enrollment Program FAQ


  1. What is the Partnership Enrollment Program (PEP) with the University of Memphis?

    Beginning fall 2009 the University of Memphis will partner with community colleges in the West Tennessee and border county areas to offer a Partnership Enrollment Program that guarantees university admission to any student who completes the associate's degree university track (A.A.or A.S.). The agreement benefits students by reducing the total cost of higher education by encouraging students to complete the associate's degree at the community college. Students also benefit from improved and collaborative academic advising and by completion of joint admissions contracts. This agreement provides only for general admission to the University of Memphis. Requirements for admission to individual academic programs may vary. By making this choice early in their academic career, students will receive advising and access to some University of Memphis services and activities prior to their admission to the U of M.

  2. What are the benefits of enrolling under the Partnership Enrollment Program Agreement?

    If you enroll in the Partnership Enrollment Program with the University of Memphis and complete an associate's degree university track (AA/AS) at a participating partner community college, you will:

    • enjoy the benefits of academic counseling from a University of Memphis Transfer Advisor.
    • be eligible to participate in priority pre-registration in University courses for your first semester after community college graduation.
    • be released from completing the University of Memphis application when transferring.
    • have the transfer application fee (currently $25) waived.
    • receive access to Campus Recreation & Intramural Services + Student Activities - $65/semester AND/OR
    • receive access to student athletic events via payment of FT student athletic fee - $225/semester.
    • receive access to a parking permit - $30/ per semester.
    • lock-in degree requirements at the time you enter the program.  You have the choice of completing the degree requirements in effect at the time you complete the Intent to Enroll form or of completing new requirements that may go into effect after that time.
  3. Who can participate?

    Partner community college students who:

    • meet current admission criteria at the partner community college.
    • are enrolled at a partner community college in an associate's degree university track (AA/AS) program.
    • have earned fewer than 30 higher education credits.
    • complete the associate degree with a minimum overall combined 2.0 GPA as computed by the University of Memphis.   (Individual departmental requirements may be higher.)
    • are in good academic standing.
    • are in compliance with the code of conduct for the community college where they are enrolled.
    • do not attend another institution between the time of graduation from the partner community college and formally enroll at the University of Memphis.
    • formally enroll in the University of Memphis within one year of the completing the associate degree at the partner community college.
    Qualified students will begin receiving advising from university advisors as soon as they sign up.

  4. Where do I go if I have questions about the Partnership Enrollment Program?

    Dyersburg State Community College One Stop Center

    Student Center - Dyersburg Campus
    1510 Lake Road
    Dyersburg, TN  38024


    Jackson State Community College

    Andrea Winchester
    Director of Admissions
    2046 N. Parkway
    Jackson, TN  38301-3797


    Admissions at Southwest Tennessee Community College

    Macon Campus
    5983 Macon Cove

    Union Campus
    737 Union Ave


    Admissions at Mid-South Community College



    Admissions at the University of Memphis

    Enrollment Services

    101 Wilder Tower

    204 Wilder Tower

  5. What commitment am I making to the University?

    None. Enrolling in the Partnership Enrollment Program does not obligate you in any way or prevent you from exploring options at other colleges and universities.

  6. What are the Partnership Enrollment Program procedures?

    If you have determined that you are eligible to take part in the Partnership Enrollment Program and that the University of Memphis is your choice for the completion of your bachelor's degree, you are ready to proceed.

    • Choose a major from the bachelor's degree list (if applicable)
    • Complete the Partnership Enrollment Program Intent to Enroll Form and return to the address indicated on the agreement.

      Your Partnership Intent to Enroll Form will be reviewed. When your eligibility has been confirmed, you will be notified by the Office of Admissions.

  7. What are the requirements for transitioning to U of M?
    • You must continue to enroll at the partner community college.
    • You must comply with the partner community college and U of M advising requirements.
    • You must remain in good academic standing and in compliance with the code of conduct.
  8. When should I apply for the PEP?

    You can apply for the PEP any time up to the point you have earned no more than 30 hours. These credits include all courses taken at an institution of higher education, not just those taken at the partner community college. When you have decided on a major you should apply for the PEP.

  9. What if there are additional admission requirements to enter a specific program at U of M?

    You must meet the requirements for admission into specific majors that are established for all students. These requirements could include preparing a portfolio of work, earning specific GPA or another requirement. You will be advised regarding these requirements when you indicate your choice of major.  The PEP guarantees admission to the University of Memphis, not to specific degree programs.

  10. Can I participate in the PEP if I have earned credit from AP, CLEP, military training, college courses in high school, or another source?

    Yes, as long as the total number of college level credits that you have earned when you sign up for the PEP is less than 30, you can enroll.

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