250-R Program - Changes in Tuition

Undergraduate students who attend(ed) high school within a 250-mile radius of the University of Memphis campus are eligible for the "250-R Program."  Students who attend(ed) a high school within the 250-R region are considered for a reduced tuition rate if they are not eligible for either Tennessee in-state tuition or an eligible Border County waiver.  Currently, the tuition savings are approximately $10,000.

Below are listings of eligible schools from each state in PDF. There are approximately 2,300 high schools within the 250-R Program. Note the information contained on the listings includes: the National CEEB code for the school, the school name, address, and city. The list is sorted by city name for your convenience.

250-R Program - Alabama High School List 

250-R Program - Arkansas High School List 

250-R Program - Illinois High School List 

250-R Program - Indiana High School List 

250-R Program - Kentucky High School List 

250-R Program - Louisiana High School List 

250-R Program - Mississippi High School List 

250-R Program - Missouri High School List 

250-R Program - Tennessee High School List 

These listings are updated annually (July) to determine if new high schools are added within the region.  The listings are intended to be all-inclusive, meaning that all high schools within the region should be listed (public or private).  If a high school is inadvertantly omitted, please email admisssions@memphis.edu so that we may consider the school for eligibility.

Some students and families relocate to the State of Tennessee but are ineligible to receive in-state tuition according to the TBR requirements.

Students who attend(ed) high schools that are not included in the 250-R region are eligible for the new non-resident tuition rates which will provide a significant, reduction in non-resident tuition.