Apply for Undergraduate Admission

Students should choose the application that best fits their intentions. Applications are generally available approximately one year before the term the student wishes to enter.  If you have ever applied to the University of Memphis and paid the application fee, but did not enroll at that time, select the "Readmission Application" option to avoid paying the application fee a second time. 

Degree-Seeking Applications

Non-Degree-Seeking Applications

  • Non-Degree Application - Check the status of this application
    • Completing courses for personal enrichment, not to complete a degree
    • Select "Non-Degree" as your major on the application
    • No financial aid is available for Non-Degree status
  • Transient (Transfer) Student Application
    • Currently enrolled at another post-secondary institution and plan to transfer your UofM course(s) back to that institution upon completion
    • On Future Plans, select "I intend to earn credits at UofM but return to my current institution..."
    • For more information, consult the Transient Student page.
  • Dual Enrollment Application
    • Contact your school counselor to see if your high school participates
    • Completing these courses before high school graduation