Non-Degree Transient Requirements

Transient students are one of several classifications of non-degree status.  These students take classes at UofM and transfer them back to their home institution. Like all non-degree classifications, there is no “major” for a transient student candidate, but they should indicate they plan to return to their current institution.

Transient Students should understand the following:

  • Financial aid is not available to transient students at UofM.
  • There is a maximum of 24 credits that can be earned in a non-degree category. 
  • There is no need to submit official transcripts and supporting documents to be offered admission. 
    • Should a candidate decide to formally transfer to UofM, these documents will be required at time.
  • Because transient student enrollment will ultimately be transferred back to a home institution, there is no professional advising required at UofM.
    • Transient students must still take curricular pre-requisites to take certain classes.
    • An unofficial transcript from a home institution may be necessary to confirm these pre-requisites.

Transient (Transfer) Student Application