Air Force Seal

Official Colors

The official colors of the ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow appear predominantly on the Air Force Seal. The circular background of the seal is ultramarine blue. The trim is Air Force yellow.

The Crest Eagle

The American bald eagle symbolizes the United States and its air power and appears in its natural colors Wreath - the wreath under the eagle is made up of six alternate folds of metal - white (silver) and light blue.

Cloud Formations

The white clouds behind the eagle shows the start of a new sky - the Department of the Air Force.

The Shield

The shield, below the eagle, is divided into two parts by a nebulous line representing clouds. The top part bears an Air Force yellow thunder-both with flames in natural colors that show striking power through the use of aerospace. The stars represent the original 13 colonies. The yellow Roman numerals represent 1947, the year the Air Force was established.

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