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ALEKS Prep and Learning Module

What is the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module?

After the assessment, a targeted Prep and Learning Module is available for you to review and learn material, and to improve placement and eventual course outcomes. Students must begin the Learning Module within 6 months of completing the initial ALEKS assessment.

All students are strongly encouraged to spend several hours using the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module. Even if you have achieved placement in your desired course, time spent in ALEKS will better prepare you for your upcoming course and ultimately lead to better grades.

Why would I use the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module?

If you do not place into the desired math course, the Prep and Learning Module may assist you in reaching the required minimum score for placement into the course. Students will need to retake the ALEKS assessment after working in the Prep and Learning Module in order to attempt to place higher. Progress in the Prep and Learning Module does not automatically result in a new placement.

Is there a fee for the Prep and Learning Module available through ALEKS?

The 6 month Prep and Learning Module is free to all University of Memphis students as a means of improving math knowledge and retention.  You log into the Prep and Learning Module through the Student tab in myMemphis.

How does the Prep and Learning Module work?

Once you complete the initial ALEKS assessment, you will be assigned a Prep and Learning Module to review and learn math concepts. After you begin the learning module, you will work on increasing your math knowledge until you are satisfied with your progress. Along the way, you will see progress reports that indicate your current knowledge level. At any point you may choose to complete a new assessment by clicking on the placement tab on the upper right of the page within ALEKS. If you achieve your desired score for the course your advisor recommended, you may choose to stop the Prep and Learning Module. If you do not receive your desired score, you may continue using the Prep and Learning Module for the full 6 month period to achieve the desired score.

Can I retake the ALEKS Placement Assessment immediately?

You must wait 48 hours after your initial placement assessment before attempting another. There is generally no benefit to re-taking the assessment immediately after completing a prior attempt. Unlike the SAT or ACT, you cannot improve your results by simply re-taking the assessment without spending time in the Prep and Learning Module to refresh material that you may have forgotten or to learn new material.

Once I begin the Prep and Learning Module, is there a minimum amount of time required before taking another assessment?

The second assessment may be started 48 hours after the first assessment. However, we encourage students to spend several hours in the Prep and Learning Module before taking another assessment. Most students do not improve their score until they utilize the Prep and Learning Module to work on their math skills.

How long can I use the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module?

Once students begin the Prep and Learning Module, they may use it for up to 6 months. Students using the learning module should check the e-mail account provided to ALEKS for reminders about the amount of time remaining in the learning module. After the fourth assessment, students must work at least 3 hours in the learning module before they can take the fifth assessment. Students who do not complete 3 hours in the learning module after the fourth assessment will not be able to take the fifth one. Once the 6 month period is up, students cannot receive additional time in the learning module.

How do I get technical support for ALEKS?

A: For problems with accessing the ALEKS test through the U of M portal call the U of M Tech support at (901)678-8888

For problems after the test has been accessed contact ALEKS customer support by phone or email:

Phone: (714)619-7090
Email: http://support.aleks.com
website: http://www.aleks.com/faqs/technical

Students needing disability-related accommodations should contact Disability Resources for Students at 678-2880.
Disability Resources for Students 110 Wilder Tower Memphis, TN 38152-3520

Phone: 901-678-2880 V/TTY
FAX: 901-678-3070
Website: http://www.memphis.edu/drs/
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