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detail from Juan Rojo's ArtLab installation "Pink Room"

Spring 2015

Pink Room

by Juan Rojo

My name is Juan Rojo, I am a painter and video creator. I’ve been drawn to the human figure as an art subject for as long as I can remember. My strongest formative influences came from the figurative tradition, especially the School of London. At some point in my early career, I turned my attention exclusively to female figures, focusing on the body without much regard to larger themes or content.

After a while I tried to examine my work – as well as that of artists who influenced me the most – from a feminist perspective. This led me to a greater sensitivity to the male gaze throughout art history and the construction of femininity in contemporary media.

My current painting and video work concentrates on narratives of disempowerment, particularly the ones imposed on children and the stereotypical idea of female beauty and submissive feminine behavior. I explore advertisement and media directed to women, particularly to young girls, and the use of a pink-and-glitter aesthetic and role models such as princesses or fairies to instill in them reactionary values. In my work, I employ everyday materials like scrapbook patterns, crochet or paper doilies to create ingenuous, hyper-decorative works that merge disparate subject matters and exhibit a high-contrast between form and content, where high and low coexist, as means of revealing the perversions within these apparently innocent narratives.

“Pink Room” will be a multimedia installation of projected videos, wall painting and printmaking. The main element will be the projection of the videos “Happily Ever After” on the walls of the gallery. The videos depict multiple women performing a Cinderella inspired routine. The performance is recorded in their own houses where I brought a big pink cloth that works as a stage curtain.  The videos have an intense pink color that will be the only illumination of the room, bathing the viewer in a warm pink light.  

The videos will be visually connected with wall paintings, standing paintings and prints, creating a sense of horror vacui that will surround the spectator with pink and images traditionally considered feminine. The installation hopefully will raise questions about the feminine, what exists within the confines of it and how our patriarchal society tries so strongly to define it and label it.

The gallery space will also be the battlefield where all my artistic practices, video, painting and printmaking will address common subjects, therefore an opportunity for a deep investigation of how all these mediums interact with each other and the subtleties that each of them add to the ideas that inhabit my work.


Fall 2015

Object of Record

Curated by Gladys-Katherina Hernando

Gala Porras-Kim

Brendan Threadgill

Greg Wilken



ArtLab: Fijiji Blocks: Eduardo Benamor Duarte




My work identifies reflexive systems to foster the transformation of our living environments based on the adaptation of a bidimendional geometrical abstract apparatus in dialogue with a preexisting material condition; or a pre figuration of a thought as a spatial typology. 

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