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Recent Faculty Publications


Finerman, R., A. Sanders, and L. Sagrestano. Pregnancy and Birth as a Medical Crisis. In: The Wrong Prescription for Women: How Medicine and Media Create a "Need" for Treatments, Drugs, and Surgery, M.C. McHugh and J.C. Chrisler, Eds. ISBN: 978-1-4408-3176-8 ABC/CLIO. 





Farr, Matt, Keri Vacanti Brondo, and Scout Anglin. Shifting Gears: Bicycle Infrastructure in the American South.  In Sustainability as Myth and Practice in the Global City.  Edited by Cindy Isenhour, Melissa Checker, and Gary McDonough. Cambridge University Press. 


Brondo, Keri and Linda Bennett. Internships and Practica: Teaching Tools For an Engaged Anthropology, Part 1.  Anthropology News. March 2014.


Brondo, Keri and Linda Bennett. Internships and Practica: Teaching Tools For an Engaged Anthropology, Part 2.  Anthropology News. March 2014.


Bill McKinney, Keri Brondo, Mary Butler and Kyle SimpsonTowards an Increased Understanding of Relationships, Value and Forms of Compensation between Practitioners and Academic Departments. Anthropology News August 2014. [Online]:


Linda Bennett and Keri Vacanti BrondoEffectiveness of Tenure and Promotion Initiatives for Applied and Practicing Anthropologists: An Ongoing Discussion. Anthropology News. 55(7-8):23, 25.


Connolly, Robert P. and Ana M. Rea.  Making African American History Relevant through Co-Creation and Community Service Learning. In Interpreting African American History and Culture edited by Max Balgooy. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.


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Hicks, K. A Biocultural Perspective on Fictive Kinship in the Andes: Social Support and Women’s Immune Function in El Alto, Bolivia.  Medical Anthropology Quarterly.  28(3): 440-458.


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