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Sicily Study abroad class: Summer 2017

CoPED Summer School VideoThere were 3 Department of Anthropology undergraduates, 1 Social Work and 3 Planning graduate students to attend (along with 4 students from U Mass Boston and 6 Italian students from University of Catania). 

The group had a video crew following them for an upcoming documentary. Here is a short 2 minute video highlighting the summer school's methodology. Enjoy! (opens in new window)

Congratulations Graduating Students!

Graduating students cut their cake

After the Practicum Forum presentations, the graduating Master's students got together to cut their cake! (Risa Sakai, Trish Tobbe, Lyndsey Pender, Evan Wilson, and Hamda Khan)

The department had a total of five Master's candidates present their practicum work on Friday April 28th.

Hamda Khan (left) and Evan Wilson (right) present their practicum work

Hamda Khan (left) presented her work on evaluating Church Life health care practices. Evan Wilson (right) presented his work on the history and oral history of environmentally focused social movements in Memphis, TN.

Trish Tobbe (left) and Lyndsey Pender present their practicum work

Trish Tobbe (left) presented her work on historic preservation in Colorado. Lyndsey Pender (right) presented her work on senior care.

UofM Undergraduate Poster Presentation at NCUR

Anna Cash presents poster at NCUR spring 2017

University of Memphis Undergraduate student Anna Church presented her work about breastfeeding at the NCUR conference hosted by The University of Memphis.

Crowdfunding Update: Anthropology Graduate Students on a Professional Trail

This year the Department of Anthropology celebrates the 40th anniversary of our applied Masters program and 50th anniversary of our Bachelors program! As you know, the applied anthropology Masters program at The University of Memphis remains the national exemplar. We are particularly recognized for the success of our graduates.

A key to succeeding in an increasingly competitive job market is offering students real world professional development experience. This includes opportunities to present their work to a national audience where they build networks to advance their careers. To achieve this, our faculty pays for student membership in the Society for Applied Anthropology, and we support student travel to participate in national conferences.

The department successfully raised over their goal of $5,000 to help finance student travel. And they did it in just 3 weeks! 

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