Dr. A. Katherine Lambert-Pennington

Dr. A. Katherine Lambert-Pennington

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302B Manning Hall, Memphis, TN 38152
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About Dr. Lambert-Pennington

Dr. Katherine Lambert-Pennington is involved in local research that explores community-based models of development working with churches and other organizations in several low-income African-American neighborhoods in Memphis. She works with a team of faculty and students from the Anthropology, City and Regional Planning, and Architecture departments at the university along with neighborhood-level steering committees in South Memphis and Vance. These projects produced the South Memphis Revitalization Action Plan and the Vance Avenue Planning Framework. She is currently working on a book based on her research in La Perouse, Australia, which examines how changing racial ideologies, Aboriginal policies, and public perceptions of Aborigines have created a predicament of culture for urban indigenous people.  Dr. Lambert-Pennington also currently serves as the Chair of the Engaged Scholarship Committee at the University of Memphis.

Expertise and Interests

Race and Social Inequality, Community Development, Identity Production, Food Access and Poverty, Participatory Action Research, Post-Colonialism, Human Rights, Urban Indigenous Culture and Identity in Australia, Qualitative Field Methods

Research Projects

Using participatory action research methodology, Dr. Lambert-Pennington and her team have involved over 1,000 residents in developing a holistic revitalization plan for the South Memphis and Vance neighborhoods to address their most pressing concerns. This work has resulted in community programs like the South Memphis Farmers Market and the Green Machine Mobile Food Bus. She is currently working with Dr. Kathryn Hicks and students in evaluating the South Memphis Farmers Market, exploring the role that farmer’s markets play in promoting neighborhood development, addressing food insecurity, and potentially contributing to improving residents’ health.  She has also been involved with a collaborative study abroad program with the University of Catania in Sicily. 

Selected Publications

2013    Lambert-Pennington, Katherine, Engaged Pedagogy and Neighborhood Change in Higher Education, Diversity and Democracy, Vol 16(1): 28-29.

2012    Lambert-Pennington, Katherine, Real Blackfellas: Constructions and Meanings of Aboriginality in Urban Indigenous Australia. Transforming Anthropology 20(2): 131-145.

2011    Lambert-Pennington, Katherine, Kenneth Reardon, and Kenneth Robinson, Creating an Interdisciplinary Community Development Assistance Center: The South Memphis Revitalization Action Project, Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning 17(2): 59-70.

2010    Lambert-Pennington, Katherine, Practicing What We Preach: The Possibilities Of Participatory Action Research With Faith-Based Organizations, NAPA Bulletin, Special Issue On Faith-Based Development 33:143-160.

2010    Brondo, Keri Vacanti and Katherine Lambert-Pennington, “Coalition of Trust” or “Trust Me I Know What’s Best”: When Southern Progressivism Meets PAR-informed Engaged Scholarship.  Urban Anthropology 39 (3-4): 1-41.

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