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ISMB 2018 - Chicago (July 6-10)
Deadline for full paper submission (12 pages): January 29

MCBIOS 2018 (Genomics and Big Data) - Starkville, MS (March 29-31)
Deadline for Abstract submission: February 11



Dr. Oguz Akbilgic (Asst. Prof. at UTHSC) Dec. 1
What does it take to identify cardiac arrhythmias in electrocardiogram recordings? Signal Processing, Optimization, Statistical Modeling, and Machine Learning


Dr. Fridtjof Thomas (Asst. Prof. at UTHSC) Nov. 3, 2017
Causal inference in the medical sciences

Dr. Pratik Banerjee (Asst. Prof. at U of M) Nov. 10, 2017
Microbial bioinformatics in food safety diagnostics

Dr. Bernie Daigle (Asst. Prof. at U of M) Nov. 17, 2017
Characterizing Biochemical Rare Events Using Stochastic Simulation


Dr. Max Garzon (Professor at U of M) Oct. 6, 2017
Genomic Approaches to Hospital Acquired Bacterial Infection Identification

Dr. Tit-Yee Wong (Professor at U of M) Oct. 13, 2017
Drug discovery from the Dongsha Island in South China Sea

Dr. Megan Mulligan (Asst. Prof. at UTHSC) Oct. 20, 2017
Behavior, the Brain, and Beyond: Dissecting the consequences of genetic variation in murine populations

Dr. Daniel Johnson (Prof. at UTHSC) Oct. 27, 2017
Establishing UTHSC Bioinformatics Core


Dr. Duane McKenna (Asst. Prof. at U of M) Sept. 8, 2017
Genes and genomes yield new insights into the phylogeny and evolution of beetles

Dr. Dale Bowman (Asst. Prof. at U of M) Sept. 15, 2017
Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation Topic Modeling to Assess Multifactorial Risk in Drug Induced Liver Injury.

Dr. Cheng Cheng (ST. Jude) Sept. 22, 2017
Integrated Statistical Inference on Genomic Handles of Traits (InSIGHT)

Dr. Jennifer Mandel (Asst. Prof. at U of M) Sept. 29, 2017
Using Genomics and Bioinformatics in Plant Evolutionary Biology


MCBIOS Meeting March 23-25, 2017
14th Annual Meeting at Little Rock, Arkansas


Kazi Zaman Bioinformatics Project Presentation, April 4, 2017
Evaluation of Gene Networks Using Literature Cohesion

Ethan Willis Bioinformatics Project Presentation, April 7, 2017
Research HIVE, a semantic analysis tool to support collaboration and discovery

Yojitha Dasari Bioinformatics Project Presentation, April 10, 2017
fMRI with different clustering approaches

UT-KBRIN Bioinformatics Summit April 21-23
16th Annual Meeting at Montgomery Bell State Park



Dr. Thomas C. Gettelfinger Student Travel Awards
Travel Awards of up to $750 are available for Bioinformatics graduate students on a competitive basis to support travel to conferences, workshops, or related activities.

Intermediate Python Programming January 15-17 @UofM
FedEx Institute of Technology | Room 225 | 365 Innovation Drive
This hands-on workshop is designed for all scientists who want to learn intermediate programming skills for large scale data analysis.


Brandon Curry Bioinformatics Project Presentation, February 29, 2016
MiRLiN: A web-tool for functional analysis, clustering and annotation of microRNAs using the biomedical literature


13th Annual MCBIOS Conference March 3-5, 2016
"Precision Medicine & Data Science"


Evan Savage Bioinformatics Project Presentation, May 3, 2016
Evaluation of Methods for Deciphering Transcriptional Regulatory Networks


Kelly Chao Bioinformatics Project Presentation, July 18, 2016
Binning of Metagenomic by codon ratio



Dr. Thomas C. Gettelfinger Student Travel Awards


Innovation in Action ~ Series ~
This hands-on workshop is designed for all scientists who want to learn basic programming skills for large scale data analysis.


Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics
This one year program will prepare you for a career in rapidly growing fields of Data Science, Genomics and Personalized Medicine.