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Duane McKenna

Assistant Professor

Ellington 325
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About Dr. McKenna

I came to the University of Memphis in 2010 from a Ph.D. (Organismic and Evolutionary Biology) and Postdoc at Harvard University I am an insect systematist and evolutionary biologist. My taxonomic specialty is beetles (order Coleoptera; ~400,000 described species), particularly the Phytophaga, a huge clade containing ~140,000 species, comprised of the weevils, leaf beetles, longhorned beetles, and relatives, most of which feed on plants. My research employs large-scale molecular data sets, and information from museum specimens and field studies, to reconstruct relationships and timing and patterns of ecological and taxonomic diversification, with a focus on the evolution of beetle-plant interactions and phytophagy (plant-feeding). I am a member of the Insect 5000 Genomes (i5k) Pilot Project, through which I lead the Asian longhorned beetle genome project, and I am a collaborator on the 1,000 Insect Transcriptome Evolution (1KITE) Project. I am the PI on a 3-year US National Science Foundation grant (the 1K Weevils Project) which seeks to reconstruct the phylogeny of family Curculionidae (true weevils), using phylogenomic and morphological data. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Memphis, a faculty Associate of the Program in Bioinformatics and the Feinstone Center for Genomics at the University of Memphis, and a Research Associate in Entomology at the Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology. I currently teach courses in Entomology (Biological Sciences 4900/6900) and Evolution (Biological Sciences 4100/6100).

Research Interests

  • Beetle systematics and evolution
  • Evolutionary ecology of insect-plant interactions
  • Biodiversity surveys and inventories involving beetles
  • Beetle comparative genomics


B.S Biology, minor in Chemistry, Western Michigan University; M.S. Entomology, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Ph.D. Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, and Postdoc, Harvard University.

Recent Publications

  • McKenna, D.D. In Press. Molecular systematics of Coleoptera. In: Leschen, R.A.B., Beutel, R.G., and (Eds.). Handbook of Zoology. Volume I Arthropoda: Insecta. Coleoptera, Beetles. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.
  • Beutel, R.G., and D.D. McKenna. In Press. Coleoptera: Systematic position, basal branching pattern and early evolution. In: Leschen, R.A.B., Beutel, R.G., and (Eds.). Handbook of Zoology. Volume I Arthropoda: Insecta. Coleoptera, Beetles. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.
  • Scully, E.D., S.M. Geib, J.E. Carlson, M. Tien, D.D. McKenna, and K. Hoover. 2014. Functional genomics and microbiome profiling of the Asian longhorned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) reveal new insights into the digestive physiology and nutritional ecology of wood-feeding beetles. BMC Genomics 15: 1096. doi:10.1186/1471-2164-15-1096.
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