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Department of Biology Course Offerings

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listings marked with * do not count towards a Biology degree
BIOL 1010*. Introduction to Biology I
BIOL 1011*. Introduction to Biology I Laboratory
BIOL 1020*. Introduction to Biology II
BIOL 1021*. Introduction to Biology II Laboratory
BIOL 1110. General Biology I
BIOL 1111. General Biology I Laboratory
BIOL 1120. General Biology II
BIOL 1121. General Biology II Laboratory
BIOL 1230*. .Microbiology
BIOL 1231*. Microbiology Laboratory
BIOL 2010*. Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 2011*. Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory
BIOL 2020*. Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 2021*. Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory
BIOL 3030. Principles of Animal Physiology
BIOL 3050. General Ecology
BIOL 3051. General Ecology Laboratory
BIOL 3072. Genetics
BIOL 3073. Genetics Laboratory
BIOL 3130. Cell Biology
BIOL 3200. General Botany
BIOL 3230. Plant Physiology
BIOL 3500. Microbiology I: Fundamental Aspects
BIOL 3505. General Microbiology Laboratory
BIOL 3550. Microbiology II: Medical and Applied Aspects
BIOL 3610. Vertebrate Embryology
BIOL 3620. Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates
BIOL 3730. Vertebrate Physiology
BIOL 3751. Vertebrate Zoology
BIOL 3800. Parasitology
BIOL 4000. Research I
BIOL 4001. Research II
BIOL 4052-6052. Flora of Tennessee
BIOL 4053-6053. Plant Ecology
BIOL 4054-6054. Wetland Ecology
BIOL 4055-6055. Ecological and Environmental Issues
BIOL 4056-6056. Tropical Ecology.
BIOL 4057-6057. Large River Ecology
BIOL 4060-6060. Limnology
BIOL 4071-6071. Human Genetics
BIOL 4090-99-6090-99. Special Topics in Biology
BIOL 4100-6100. Evolution
BIOL 4150-6150. Developmental Biology
BIOL 4300. Microbial Physiology
BIOL 4325. Microbial Genetics
BIOL 4350-6350. Microbial Biotechnology
BIOL 4375-6375. Molecular Biology of Parasites and Their Vectors
BIOL 4380-6380. Histology: Tissue and Organ Biology
BIOL 4401-6401. Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL 4440-6440. Pathogenic Bacteriology
BIOL 4445-6445. Immunology
BIOL 4450-6450. Microbial Ecology
BIOL 4461-6461. Advanced General Microbiology Laboratory
BIOL 4465-6465. Advanced Medical Microbiology Laboratory
BIOL 4470-6470. Molecular Genetics
BIOL 4480-6480. Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
BIOL 4501-6501. Virology
BIOL 4503-6503. Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry
BIOL 4504-6504. Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Biology
BIOL 4511-6511. Biochemistry I
BIOL 4512-6512. Biochemistry II
BIOL 4570. Practicum In Biology
BIOL 4604-6604. Animal Behavior
BIOL 4610. Honors Senior Seminar
BIOL 4630-6630. General Endocrinology
BIOL 4640-6640. Ornithology
BIOL 4644-6644. Ichthyology
BIOL 4651-6651. Field Techniques of Vertebrate Zoology
BIOL 4730-6730. Urban-Wildlife Ecology and Management.
BIOL 4740-6740. Mammalogy
BIOL 4744-6744. Herpetology
BIOL 4840-6840. Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 4900-6900. Entomology

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