College of Arts and Sciences Department of Biology
Charles J. Biggers, Ph. D
Charles Biggers
Ph.D. University of South Carolina
Phone: (901) 678-4468
Fax: (901) 678-4746
University of Memphis
Department of Biology
3700 Walker Avenue
Memphis, TN USA 38152

Research Interests:
Ecological genetics; biochemical systematics; hemoglobin, transferrin, toad venoms, insect hemolymph

My major research interest is population genetics. The major tool used for analysis in my laboratory is electrophoresis of proteins, primarily enzymes and blood proteins. I have studied the esterases of the cotton boll weevil, the transferrins of the old-field mouse and human, the urine proteins of the kangaroo rat, the hemolymph of several species of crayfish, the blood proteins of carp and catfish, the venom of several species of toad, and the chromosomes of the shrew and the boll weevil.

For the past several years I have concentrated on the esterases, morphological markers, and size variance in the cotton boll weevil. At present, I am investigating the population genetics of the bagworm and the termite. I collaborate closely with Dr. Melvin L. Beck and Dr. Harold Bancroft (University of Memphis).

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