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Farimah Salami Contact Information

Farimah Salami

Graduate Program: Ph.D. Candidate

Major Professor: Dr. Ramin Homayouni

Research Interest

Formation of axon and dendrite begins when neurons complete migration and reach their final destination in different parts of the brain. Ras GTPases are known to regulate cytoskeletal changes that lead to axon and dendrite formation in the developing brain.

Dab2IP, DOC-2/DAB2 interacting protein, is one of the RasGAP proteins that can bind to active Ras and result in terminating the signal event. The gene of Dab2IPappears to undergo alternative splicing to make different isoforms. In human, at least three different Dab2IP splice variants have been reported to GenBank database, though there are two Dab2IP isoforms reported in mouse and just one in rat brain. These isoforms have some varieties at the C-terminus and N-terminus that probably differ their biological functions.
The team that I’m working with have found the expression of each isoform in mouse developing brain is tissue and time specific. In order to investigate the physiological role of different isoforms, we generated a Dab2IP knock-down mouse line with a retroviral gene-trap insertion. Following gene trapping we observed a delay in the development of Purkinje cell dendrites in the cerebellum of knock down mice compared to wild type. As this observation confirms the important role of this protein in the brain development, I’m interested to discover all different isoforms and determine their biological functions in neurons through their subcellular localization and the mechanism that they are involved in mouse brain over time.


Office Location: Life Sciences 533

Spring 2015 Office Hours

Monday - 9:00am - 10:00am

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