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1/22/15-no meeting


1/29/15  Dr. Erik Hom, Department of  Biology, University of Mississippi, Oxford, "Of Chance and Necessity: Novel Fungal-Algal Mutualisms Created by Niche Engineering."  Host Dr. Mandel.

2/05/15. Dr. Gary Johnson, Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, title to be announced Host Dr. Amy Abell.


2/19/15   Dr. Deborah Segaloff, Professor, Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, University of Iowa, title to be announced; host Dr. Abell.




3/05/15-3/05/15 Dr. Michal Hetman, Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery, Endowed Chair in Molecular Signaling, University of Louisville; “The role of the nucleolus in disease." Host Dr. Sutter.


3/12/15-Spring Break


3/19/15  Dr. Michael Wiser, Beacon Center for the Study of Evolution, Michigan State University, “Long-term dynamics of adaptation in asexual populations” host Dr. Wong.


3/26/15   Reserved


4/02/15  Dr. Richard Bloomer, Chair, Department of Health And sport Sciences, University of Memphis, “The influence of nutrient intake on variables related  to cardio-metabolic health” host, Dr. Liu.


4/09/15  Dr. Nathan Jones, Brackenridge Field Laboratory, Department of Integrative Biology, The University of Texas at Austin, “The tawny crazy ant biology” host, Dr. Mckenna.


4/16/15  Dr. Jeffrey Morris, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Alabama in Birmingham; “The Invisible Hand of the Black Queen” host, Dr. Freemean.


4/23/15  Dr. Randy Anderson, Assistant Professor , Department of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University; “Signal function, reliability, and the evolution of animal communication systems”; host Dept. of Biological Sciences Graduate Students. 



GWIS Meet-the-Professor Series

Spring 2015

Fridays 11:30 am

Ellington Hall 

January 23

Dr. Randall Bayer

Chair & Professor

Department of Biological Sciences


February 6

Dr. Duane McKenna

Assistant Professor

Department of Biological Sciences


February 20

Dr. Stephan Schoech


Department of Biological Sciences


March 6

Dr. Esra Roan

Assistant Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering


March 20

Erin Loeding

Lab Manager

Memphis Zoo


April 3

Dr. Abby Parrill

Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Chemistry


April 17

Dr. Fairouzeh Sabri

Associate Professor

Department of Physics




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