Spring Seminar Series 2018

The Department of Biology presents a series of lectures and seminars each fall and spring semester. All seminars unless otherwise noted are held at 4:00 pm Thursdays in Ellington Hall Auditorium (EH100) with a Reception at 3:30 pm in Ellington Hall Foyer.

February 8

Dr. Hazem Ghoneim, PhD, St. Jude.
Targeting T Cell Epigenetic Programs to Maximize the Efficacy of Cancer Immunotherapy. Host Abell

February 15

Dr. Nathan Reyna, PhD. Ouachita Baptist College, Hosts Cole and Sabel

March 1

Dr. Yi-Nan Gong, PhD, St. Jude, Host Abell

March 22

Melissa M. Holmes, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Toronto Mississauga. Host Graduate students

March 29

Gustavo A. Miranda-Carboni Ph.D., Assistant Professor,University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Host Abell

April 5

Jeremiah Busch, PhD, Plant Evolutionary Genetics, School of Biological Sciences Washington State University. Host Mandel

April 12

Susan Balengerm, PhD. Department of Biology, University of Mississippi. Host Bowers

April 17 

Hansong Ma, PhD, Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge. A battle for transmission: should mitochondrial DNA be selfless or selfish. Host Mandel