Spring Seminar Series 2017

The Department of Biology presents a series of lectures and seminars each fall and spring semester. All seminars unless otherwise noted are held at 4:00 pm Thursdays in Ellington Hall Auditorium (EH100) with a Reception at 3:30 pm in Ellington Hall Foyer.


Dr. Grant Gardener, MTSU, Host: Dr. Sable. grant.gardner@mtsu.edu


Dr. Than Boves, Assistant Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences, Arkansas State University. Understanding and Conserving Nearctic-Neotropical Migrants across their Full Life Cycle. Host: Dr. Bowers. tboves@astate.edu


Dr. Janice Moore, Professor, Department of Biology, Colorado State University. Graduate Student Invite. Janice.Moore@ColoState.edu


Dr. Matt McNeill, Staff Scientist at IDT. Host Dr. Sable. mmcneill@idtdna.com


Dr. Karla Gage, Assistant Professor, Plant Soil and Agricultural Systems and Plant Biology, University of Illinois Carbondale. Host: Dr. Koontz. kgage@siu.edu