Biology Major Requirements

BIOLOGY BS: minimum 36 hours in biology courses (18 core, 18 upper division electives)

BIOLOGY CORE - required of all majors (18 hours)

  • BIOL 1110/1111 - General Biology I (* prerequisite of CHEM 1110/1111)
  • BIOL 1120/1121 - General Biology II
  • BIOL 3130 - Cell Biology
  • BIOL 3072/3073 - Genetics w/lab
  • BIOL 4100 Evolution

Plus an additional 18 Upper Division (UD) Biology credit hours

  • Biology Course List
  • One of the UD BIOL electives must be an "Organismal" based course (3200, 3620, 4245, 4375, 4640, 4644, 4740, 4744, or 4900)
  • One additional UD BIOL elective must also have a laboratory component (can be a lecture/lab course or a stand-alone lab course)
  • A maximum of 5 research credit hours may apply (BIOL: 4000, 4001, or 4570)
  • Students on a catalog prior to fall 2016 may apply (not required) one UD statistics course: MATH 4611, PSYC 3020

*Students must earn a grade of at least "C-" in all biology courses applied toward the major, the minor, and in all required chemistry, physics, and mathematical courses. Students must earn a grade of at least "C-" in BIOL 1110/1111 and BIOL 1120/1121, before enrolling in any upper division course.

Any required or elective course applied toward the major or minor may be repeated once to earn a minimum grade of "C-". To repeat a course a second time, a student may apply for and receive special permission from the department Undergraduate Studies Committee. Application information is available in the BARC. A student may not repeat a course three times in order to receive a minimum grade of "C-".

Required Chemistry, Physics, Math courses

  • 16 hours in chemistry courses (1110/1111, 1120/1121, 3310/3301, 3511/3501)
  • 8 hours in physics courses (2010/2011, 2020/2021 –trig based or 2110/2111,2120/2121 – calc based)
  • Elementary Calculus or Calculus I (1830 or 1910)

* Students must earn a grade of at least "C-" in CHEM 1110/1111 before starting BIOL 1110/1111 or any other major's level biology courses.

Required Support Classes

  • 3 hours in a Science Ethics course (PHIL 3512, 3514 or 3515)
  • 6 hours in Skills courses: either 2 consecutive Foreign Language courses or 2 Skills Electives
  • 3 hours in a biologically relevant UD Social Science Elective