Jasbir Dhaliwal, Professor and Vice Provost (Academic) and Dean of Graduate School

Jasbir Dhaliwal

Professor, Vice Provost (Academic), and Dean of Graduate School

215 Administration Building
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About Jasbir Dhaliwal

As Chief Innovation Officer of the University, Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal leads strategic innovation priorities for the President's Office to modernize the university's academic and research culture. This includes serving as the Executive Director of the FedEx Institute of Technology which, as the front door to the university's research capabilities and infrastructure, promotes interdisciplinary research clusters, corporate engagement and technology commercialization. As Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Dhaliwal has strategic responsibility for all aspects of the university's portfolio of 114 graduate programs that enroll about 4000 graduate students in studies at the doctoral, masters and graduate certificate levels. As Vice Provost for Academic Affairs he supports the Office of the Provost on key priorities to advance the university's academic mission. He is a qualified accountant and holds the MBA and PhD (Management Information Systems) degrees from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

His research has appeared in scholarly journals such as Information Systems Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Organizational Computing & Electronic Commerce, Knowledge Acquisition, Information & Management as well as in the proceedings of numerous international research conferences. He has also co-authored a book on E-Business Innovation that is published by Prentice-Hall/Pearson Education and has served as Program Chair of the Pacific Asian Conference on Information Systems.

His diverse international academic management experience includes: being the founding director of the first Canadian university-based research center/incubator for electronic commerce at the Technical University of British Columbia (now Simon Fraser University); serving as Deputy Director of the Centre for Management of Technology at the National University of Singapore; directing a graduate program in information management at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo; and serving as Chair of the Department of Information Systems at Northern Kentucky University where he launched an offering of the university's Master of Science in Information Systems program in Moscow, Russia. He has also served as Associate Dean for Research and Academic Programs of the Fogelman College of Business & Economics and prior to that as the Chair of the Department of Management Information Systems at the University of Memphis.

He is also active internationally as an executive trainer and technology advisor completing projects for organizations such as FedEx, the Department of Defense, Johnson & Johnson, Dehart Group, Medtronics, Unilever, Cynergy, Trans-link Logistics, Anderson Consulting, Ericsson Telecommunications, Sapura Advanced Systems, IBM, Port of Singapore Corporation, Norsk Hydro, Kontena Nasional, Alcatel Bell Shanghai, McDonnell-Dettwiler Canada, Guiness Anchor, Den Norsk Bank, Asia Pacific Institute for Information Technology, Canadian Federation of Innovation and the ASEAN-European Union Management Center.

His other interests focus primarily on modern immigrant narratives, post-national identities, nurturing global mindsets, and investing in new technology ventures.


Doctor of Philosophy, University of British Colombia
Master of Business Administration, University of British Colombia
Bachelor of Science, University of Malaya


Research Interests

Software Testing; Quality of Software Services; Strategic IT Governance; Technology Entrepreneurship, Graduate Education

Selected Research

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