Information Systems majors are the best-paid business school graduates

A recent PR Newswire report reveals that students with an Information Systems (IS) degree earn higher starting salaries than students in other majors in business school. The statistics are part of the findings from the latest Information Systems Job Index, which is the only systematic assessment of the IS job market. It culled the responses of 2,140 IS graduates of the Class of 2017, from 58 universities nationwide.

The report finds that salaries for IS undergraduates ($62,820) are the highest among students who pursue typical business majors ($52,047). The percentage of women in IS jobs (39 percent) is more than double that of women in other STEM fields like computer science (18 percent). Internships double the likelihood of an IS student getting a job offer (39 percent for those who hold at least one internship vs. 16 percent for those who do not). More than 74 percent of IS undergraduates earn job placement upon graduation, as compared with the 49 percent cumulative national average.

"There are more than 3 million IS jobs in the U.S. alone," said index co-author Dr. Munir Mandviwalla, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems (MIS) at Temple University's Fox School of Business.

For more about the IS job index, visit

BIT graduate student speaks at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Deveeshree Nayak, who is pursuing a Master's of Science in Information Systems degree, was one of 18,000 women from all over the world who gathered in Orlando, Florida to celebrate the empowerment of women's presence in technology fields. The 2017 Grace Hopper Conference (GHC17) was produced by the Anita Borg Organization and presented in partnership with Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) from October 4-6. Deveeshree reported that "This conference offers an enormous amount of opportunities for learning, networking, and support for all women in every industry."

This year was Deveeshree's third time to attend GHC. In 2014 she went to the conference on a GHC scholarship and learned for VIPs such as Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft and Megan Smith, 3rd Chief Technology Officer of the United States. Deveeshree's positive experience led her to return to GHC in 2016, when she volunteered as a "Hopper." This year Deveeshree led a Student Opportunity Lab on "Importance of Internships and Strategy to Get One!" with Mayoore Jaiswal from University of Washington. Their program laid out the benefits of internships based on Deveeshree and Mayoore's personal experience. Beyond paychecks and free perks, internships allow female students to break barriers in jobs where women are historically underrepresented. Deveeshree called the lab "an amazing experience" and greatly enjoyed helping other female students.

Women in Computing

Other highlights of GHC17 included speeches by Melinda Gates and Dr. Sue Black, a British computer scientist, academic and social entrepreneur who has been named an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her professional contributions. Deveeshree returned from GHC17 "inspired to work towards gender equality within the technology world."

Deveeshree is grateful for financial support from the BIT Charles & Edna Neumann Travelers Program; its grant made her travel to GHC17 possible. She also wishes to express appreciation to professors Dr. Robin Poston, Dr. Judith Simon and Dr. Sandra Richardson for their constant encouragement.

AMIS earns 2nd place in FCBE Open House

On September 12 Fogelman College presented "The Big Showcase" to highlight the departments of Accountancy; Business Information & Technology; Economics; Finance, Insurance & Real Estate; Management; and Marketing & Supply Chain Management. The showcase encouraged UofM students to consider the wide variety of careers available to business majors.

Departments and their affiliated student groups assembled colorful, informative display tables staffed by representatives. Attendees of "The Big Showcase" voted for the best displays with departments and student organizations in separate categories. BIT's registered student organization, The Association for Management Information Systems (AMIS) won second place in their class. Special credit is due to Christine Lee, David Dodge, Avanti Pandit and Dr. Margaret Schultz for giving their time, energy and creativity to build a successful display. David, the current president of AMIS, said of the honor, "Hard work is valued."


First BIT Advisory Council Mentoring Event is a Success

The BIT Advisory Council recently hosted a successful mentoring swap. Held at the FedEx Institute of Technology on August 24, the event afforded a mix of recent graduates and current high-achieving students the rare opportunity to connect with and ask questions of local IT leaders. Among the Advisory Council participants were Robert Jackson (Chief Information Officer, UofM), Joel Tracy (Chief Information Officer, IMC Companies), Jim Kothe (Regional VP, Expedient), Rick Pride (President and Principal Consultant, CIO Services Group), Jim Van de Vuurst (Principal at Vanick Digital), Mike Anderson (IT Director, International Paper) and Gene Fernandez (Chief Technology Officer, Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare.) The evening also included exposure for BIT’s graduate certificate programs and the Alumni Association, prize drawings, and a social hour attended by several BIT faculty members and graduate students.

Gene Fernandez, BIT Advisory Council president, said, “The BIT mentoring swap event was extremely well organized and provided a rich experience for all participants. As a business leader, I feel this event resulted in a wonderful mentoring opportunity for University of Memphis alumni and currently enrolled BIT students. As the Chair of the BIT Advisory Council, I observed a common theme from other business leaders in their renewed appreciation for the diverse, passionate and highly-talented students in the BIT program. The BIT Advisory Council members all look forward to assisting with their future career plans.”

 BIT Advisory Counsil

Business Information and Technology Department introduces new faculty member, Martin Kang

Martin Kang photoThe Business Information and Technology Department is pleased to introduce full-time instructor, Martin Kang. Martin earned a BS in management information systems at Milwaukee School of Engineering and holds a PhD in Management Information Systems from Korea University Business School. Martin’s current research area is digital innovation in digital ecosystems that transcend traditional boundaries across software industries. His research applies advanced computational statistical methods to identify and quantify the driver of digital innovation and the business value of a digital ecosystem. Another research interest is information security. Martin has presented his research at academic conferences such as the Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (WISP) and International Conference on Digital Policy & Management (ICDPM).

Business Information and Technology Department introduces new faculty member, Ali Adeli

Ali Adeli

The Business Information and Technology Department is delighted to introduce its newest tenure track faculty member, Ali Adeli. Ali earned a BS in electrical engineering at Semnan University in Iran and holds an MS in Information Technology from the University of Technology in Malaysia. He will receive a Ph.D. in Information & Decision Sciences from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. The department is eager to have Ali teaching topics such as machine learning and business analytics. Ali's current research area is investigating the economic and social impact of emerging digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, and how they can change human behavior. In particular, he studies the design and development of intelligent agents that would interact with and/or act on behalf of human participants in various domains, such as electronic markets. Ali has presented his research at numerous prestigious conferences including the Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS), the Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (CIST), the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) annual meeting, and the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS).

AMIS hosts computer-building workshop

The Association for Management Information Systems (AMIS) recently hosted a two-day workshop to build and configure a virtual host computer. AMIS is a registered student organization open to both graduate and undergraduate students interested in a career in information technology. The workshop was led by outgoing AMIS president and recent top-performing BIT graduate, Michael Slauson. Michael is working as an intern at International Paper over the summer and will be attending graduate school at Carnegie Mellon in the fall. Participants in the workshop included students David Dodge, Christine Fahey, Pamodou Jawneh, Christine Lee, Nick Mallett, Tony Pinson, Samuel Schultz, Nikhil Varade, and AMIS faculty advisor, Dr. Margaret Schultz.

The participating students selected and purchased hardware components then spent the first day assembling and configuring the hardware platform. On the second day, they installed and configured the software platform. A "sandbox" was appropriated for participants to use as their own personal testing environment. The students will use their sandboxes to get hands-on experience with creating virtual servers and installing applications.

"We could not have done this in a timely manner without Michael's expertise and guidance," said Dr. Margaret Schultz, AMIS faculty advisor and instructor in the Department of BIT. "He made the workshop a very educational and enjoyable experience for all who participated. We are grateful to Michael for sharing his expertise with us."

BIT department participates in the Maxine Smith STEAM Academy career fair

The Department of Business Information & Technology (BIT) recently participated in the 2017 Career Fair at Maxine Smith STEAM Academy (MSSA). The Greater Memphis IT Council hosted the event, which was composed of twenty organizations from the technology sector. Thegoal of the career fair was to provide insight and inspiration about careers in the fields of technology. MSSA's curriculum incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math into all courses, and encourages students to master real-world problem-solving.Dr. Robin Poston, chair of the BIT department, and Dylan Ledbetter, BIT graduate student, were present at the event.

The MSSA student body is composed of 320 middle school students, 6th, 7th and 8th graders, who were accepted into this Shelby County Optional School program. MSSA tested number one in media on the TCAPS in 2015, and continue to win honors and recognition for its academic excellence.

BIT Department's Advisory Council president, Gene Fernandez, to be inducted into UIS MIS Hall of Fame

The Department of Business Information and Technology is proud to announce that Gene Fernandez, vice president and chief technology officer at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and current president of the BIT Advisory Council, will be inducted into the University of Illinois-Springfield's Department of Management Information Systems Hall of Fame. The inaugural class of the Hall of Fame honors graduates of the MIS program who are distinguished in their field. The award is especially impressive because only three of 650 candidates will be inducted. Mr. Fernandez will attend an induction ceremony at the Midwest U.S. Association for Information Systems conference in Springfield this month.

"This is a terrific honor and we are thrilled that it will be bestowed upon such a deserving person. We look forward to working closely with Mr. Fernandez to raise the bar for research, teaching, and service in BIT," said Dr. Robin Poston, chair of the Department of Business Information and Technology.

The Department of Business Information and Technology Welcomes Dr. Srikar Velichety as a Tenure-Track Faculty Member

Please join the Department of Business Information and Technology in welcoming a new faculty member, Srikar Velichety, PhD. Dr. Velichety joins us from the University of Arizona and brings with him teaching and applied research experience in business intelligence and analytics. His research interests are in business analytics with a focus on Big Data, User Generated Content and Social Media.

During his PhD program in Arizona, Dr. Velichety taught and supported undergraduate and graduate courses in business analytics and statistics. He offers students an enjoyable learning experience by facilitating lively discussions on a variety of relevant topics. He holds a PhD degree from the University of Arizona, Tucson, MS in Information Technology and BS in Information Technology from Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management.

BIT Master's Program Gets An Upgrade

The graduate degree formerly known as a Master's of Science in Business Administration (MSBA) with a concentration in Business Information & Technology (BIT) now has a shorter, more effective name: Master's of Science in Information Systems. The new degree name is part of the BIT department's decision to upgrade the program to an official STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) degree. The STEM distinction more accurately reflects the University of Memphis' technical, hands-on application focus when preparing its graduate students for the job market. As an added bonus, the upgrade will allow international students who join the program to apply for extended optional practical training (OPT), which can translate to more time at a given employer.

For more information contact Ashley Holloway the MSIS Advisor at / 901-678-3656, or Dr. Sandi Richardson the MSIS Faculty Advisor at / 901-678-4613.

BIT announces the new Charles & Edna Neumann Scholars and Travelers programs

The BIT department will implement two new programs in the Fall 2016 semester, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Bill Neumann. Dr. Neumann has agreed to provide annual funding for the BIT Neumann Scholars Program and the BIT Neumann Travelers Program, to honor his late parents Charles and Edna Neumann.

The Scholars Program will offer FCBE students a $200 financial award and an exclusive invitation to participate in many of BIT's exclusive activities. Some of these activities will include: invitations to social gatherings with BIT faculty and distinguished FCBE guests; membership to Association of Management Information Systems (AMIS) student organization; participation in real-world IT experiences of the Technology Careers in Business (TCB) program; invitations to networking with business professionals, faculty, and students; opportunities to apply for BIT/MIS-related internships; and access to the people and activities that will let students build a stronger professional resume.

Dr. Neumann has also agreed to provide annual funding for the BIT Neumann Travelers Program. Through this program, BIT students can apply for reimbursement of their expenses related to travel for professional conferences, up to $1000. The program will support BIT students who will be presenting papers, posters, or creative work at the conferences they attend.

BIT announces the new Charles & Edna Neumann Scholars and Travelers programs
From left to right: Jason Keen, BIT Advisory Board president; Marianne Hartquist, director FCBE College Development; Bill Neumann, program donor; and Margaret Schultz, BIT faculty member.

Students 'Knock-the-socks-off' Hilton Executives with MIS 4800 Capstone Projects

April 25 and 27, 2016, 27 graduating Business Information & Technology Seniors working in teams presented their final semester-long projects to Hilton Corporation executives, Kevin Morgan, Director of Hampton Brand Performance Support at Hilton Worldwide and Elisabeth Benson, Digital Product Innovation at Hilton Worldwide. Project activities utilized the standard Hilton project development process with faculty oversight. Student teams created technology-driven problem-solving devices and applications for Hilton hotels. Student final presentations included describing the technology strategy, architecture, design and testing, and deployment and monitoring approaches for successful adoption execution in Hilton hotels. Student innovations included: in room Virtual Reality for local tourist, hands-free room entry convenience, housekeeping just-in-time alerts, inventory management, and Amazon-locker kiosks.

Illuminate me about BIT/MIS, but make it quick.

The Department of Business Information and Technology (BIT) @ UofM and Business and Legal Studies @ Southwest Community College (SWCC) Hosts Passion-Packed Lightning Talks

On April 21st in the Academic Building Macon Campus of SWCC, twelve BIT and SWCC faculty, students, board members, and friends each gave a 5-minute, passion-packed presentation about what technology careers means to them. The rapid-fire surges of ideas, stories, and engagement followed a format of 20 slides that auto-advanced every 15 seconds. Audience members learned, laughed, and were inspired.

The goal of the Lightning Talks event is to create a buzz about technology careers and build a stronger community of like-minded students, alumni, advisory board members, and regional industry folks. The rapid-fire format was chosen to offer a series of thought-provoking topics in a quick, insightful manner in order to convey important ideas and allow for multiple presenters to share their thoughts in a short time period. If you couldn't make it to this year's event, don't worry, we will have videos of the talks on our website soon.

  • Welcome by Greater Memphis IT Council, by Regina Whitley, Executive Director, Greater Memphis IT Council

  • Why tech? Why Memphis?, by Robert Montague, Tech901, Memphis

  • Bring You Business Out of the Closet...Literally! Technology in the Home-based Business Industry, by Beverly Anderson, Virtual Bookkeeper & Founder of the Home-based Business Chamber

  • IT Architect – Roles and Responsibilities, by Shaji Thomas, Technical Principal, FedEx

  • My startup failed and it's all marketing's fault, by Brad Montgomery, former UofM and Southwest employee, and Seed Hatchery alumni

First Annual TechUP Competition

TechUP – hosted by students (AMIS) and BIT Dept to encourage learning a new technology to share with and inspire others and impress potential employers

On April 9th the Association of Management Information Systems (AMIS) and the Department of Business Information and Technology (BIT) hosted the first annual TechUP competition for students. Participants were required to learn a new technology and make a presentation of what they had learned to local IT professionals. There were three winners out of the eighteen participants: Michael Slauson, Venkatesh Varma Mandapti, and Herve Aniglo. Micheal Slauson presented Desktop and Server virtualization. Venkatesh Varma Mandapti presented Programming in R. Herve Aniglo presented Creating Music with Python. Each winner received a $100 VISA gift card. All participants received a Certificate of Achievement and were treated to lunch with IT professionals and BIT faculty.

More Information available on


undergraduate students using IBM's innovative analytics platform, Watson Analytics

Here at University of Memphis' Fogelman College of Business and Economics undergraduate students are using IBM's innovative analytics platform, Watson Analytics, to conduct the types of data analyses used in today's businesses to inform decision makers. In MIS 3210, Critical Thinking and Project Management, Professors Son Bui, Richard Kumi, Margaret R. Schultz and Vladimir Ambartsoumian teach students critical thinking methods and project management, using two of the most popular analytical tools: Microsoft Excel and IBM's Watson Analytics.

Using Watson Analytics, students have a chance to explore survey data, analyze real world business problems, and develop data-driven solutions. After just a brief demonstration, students are able to identify important patterns, trends, and relationships in a large dataset of transaction records. In addition, students discover unexpected causal relationships in large datasets. Son Bui reports "My students enjoy how simple the software is, and how sophisticated it can be in helping to explore hidden relationships."

In addition to using Watson, these undergraduate students make extensive use of Microsoft Excel to conduct various other types of data analyses such as breakeven analysis, what-if analysis, sales forecasting, data summarization, and data visualization using pivot tables.

The Department of Business Information and Technology Welcomes Dr. Naveen Kumar as a Tenure-Track Faculty Member

Please join the Department of Business Information and Technology in welcoming a new faculty member, Naveen Kumar, PhD. Dr. Kumar brings more than a decade of applied research experience in business intelligence and analytics. His research interests are in business analytics with a focus on developing statistical and data mining methods for contemporary big data applications in information systems and healthcare. He has made significant contributions in industry by solving critical business problems in IT, Finance, Manufacturing, and Healthcare. His recent research interest includes development of analytical methods that empower decision-makers to accomplish their information goals through real-time context based assistance across multiple devices.

During his 5-year academic career in Oregon, Dr. Kumar taught undergraduate and graduate courses in business analytics and statistics. He offers students a variety of real-world experiences which he shares in the classroom through storytelling and practical application exercises. Dr. Kumar finds it personally gratifying to hear from students after they have graduated, who share their experiences about using the advanced data analysis and empirical modeling skills they learned in his classes. He holds a PhD degree from the University of Washington, Seattle, where he was a Boeing/GTTL scholarship winner for excellent scholarly achievement.

New Name Announced: Department of Business Information and Technology (BIT)!

At the Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis, we are proud to announce that we have changed our name from the Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) to the Department of Business Information and Technology (BIT). The new name, BIT, reflects our increasing emphasis on teaching and research directed at how to collect and interpret information for strategic and tactical decision-making, as well as, how to leverage technology to gain business efficiencies. We intend to continue building on our teaching and research efforts focused on how companies can better exploit business analytics software, secure data through leading edge information assurance, test software to ensure its quality, and provide best practices about how to manage successful IT projects and make strategic IT decisions. The new name aligns us well with the changing nature of our industry partner organizations and our innovative field. Our current degree offerings, email addresses, and web domains remain unchanged.

Judy Simon named ISACA Academic Advocate

Dr. Judy Simon, professor of Management Information Systems, has been selected as an ISACA Academic Advocate and accepted as a member of the Memphis ISACA chapter. Dr. Simon is now part of a worldwide network that has more than 115,000 members in 180 countries. Advocates cover a variety of professional IT related jobs such as IS auditor, consultant, educator, IS security professional, chief information officer, and internal auditor.

Through ISACA, Dr. Simon will provide FCBE students (as well as other interested students) with up-to-date instructional materials related to a wide range of topics that affect information security. Development of additional MIS course content regarding information security and privacy is underway. Most organizations today need help with information security issues, resulting in an increased need for employees with greater awareness of these areas of need, regardless of the type of business.

ISACA is widely recognized for its COBIT framework, as well as its certificates: CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), CGEIT (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), and CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control), as well as numerous educational materials. They have recently added Cybersecurity to their wealth of training resources. ISACA's instructional materials are designed to provide greater awareness among students regarding those topics, while also providing an introduction to topics covered in more depth in their Certificate programs.

A recent article titled, "15 Top-Paying Certifications for 2015" was published in the February edition of Global Knowledge. This article focused much of its discussion on the top five highest-paying certificates, with a comment that business fields were "holding their own." Four of the top five certificates are specifically related to security, and three of those top five are ISACA certificates.

Illuminate me, but Make it Quick! - The Department of Business Information and Technology hosts passion packed lightning talks

On March 26th in the University Center Ballroom, twelve BIT faculty, students, board members, and friends each gave a 5-minute, passion-packed presentation about what BIT means to them. The rapid-fire surges of ideas, stories, and engagement followed a format of 20 slides that auto-advanced every 15 seconds. Audience members learned, laughed, sang, and were inspired. On top of all the enlightenment, with snacks provided, breakout sessions provided an opportunity for networking and engaging in more in-depth discussions with the speakers and other participants.

The goal of the Lightning Talks event was to create a buzz about BIT and build a stronger community of like-minded students, alumni, advisory board members, and region industry folks. The rapid-fire format was chosen to offer a series of thought-provoking topics in a quick, insightful manner in order to convey important ideas and allow for multiple presenters to share their thoughts in a short time period. If you couldn't make it to this year's event, don't worry, see videos of the talks below: 

Susan Caldwell

Susan Caldwell, who does IT and Services Talent Acquisition at Wellton LLC, spoke about the great career opportunities in the MIS field in a speech at the University of Memphis.

Tevin Howell

Tevin Howell, a Business Information and Technology student at the University of Memphis talks about cyber security in a speech at the University of Memphis.

Dr. Richard Kumi

Dr. Richard Kumi, an instructor of Business Information and Technology at the University of Memphis, spoke about the data implications of wearable devices in a speech at the University of Memphis.

Marlaina Love

Marlaina Love, a Business Information and Technology student at the University of Memphis, talks Innovation in the Tech field in a speech at the UofM.

Dr. Jong Lee

Dr. Jong Lee, an Assistant Professor of Business Information and Technology at the University of Memphis, talks about Change Management in Organizations in a speech at the UofM.

Bill Kettinger received Best Paper Award

Bill Kettinger, Chair of Excellence and Professor of BIT/MIS, received the Best Paper Award at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) in the 105 paper, Organizational Systems and Technology Track, for his paper entitled, "Late to the Game: Assessing IT Integration Risk After the Acquisition Target has Been Identified."The paper was co-authored by Stefan Hennningsson of the Copenhagen Business School. In its 48th year, HICSS attracts close to 1000 researchers from around the world . Its papers are published in the Proceedings by the IEEE Computer Society Press and carried in the IEEE digital library Xplore. HICSS is the #1 IS conference in terms of citations as recorded by Google Scholar.

Abstract: Although IT integration (referring to integration of hardware, software, data, and related practices) is essential for the realization of the business synergies that motivate an acquisition, only 24% of companies include IT in the due diligence before the acquisition. The reality is that IT managers must often assess risk quickly and accurately to develop an IT integration plan after an acquisition decision has been made. To assist these managers, this article derives a framework for assessing IT integration risk in acquisitions. Based on the multi-acquisition experiences of Trelleborg AB, a global industrial company that uses acquisitions as a component of its corporate strategy, the proposed framework's merits are illustrated in both high- and low-risk acquisitions. Insights gained from Trelleborg provide recommendations for Chief Information Officers in assessing and managing IT-related risk in acquisitions after the acquisition target has been identified.

Judy Simon Co-Hosts "Cyber Security Summit"

The two directors of the University of Memphis Center for Information Assurance, Drs. Dipankar Dasgupta, professor of Computer Science, and Judy Simon, professor of Business Information and Technology, hosted a "Cyber Security Summit" at the FedEx Institute of Technology on October 17th, to coincide with National Cyber Security Month.

The all-day program included ten speakers, including representatives from the Department of Homeland Security, National Science Foundation, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Norwich University Applied Research Institute, and others. The event was well attended and included multiple vendor exhibits. Copies of speakers' presentations will be available on the Center's website soon at

Brian Janz Receives 2014 Best Paper Award

Dr. Ernie Nichols, associate professor of Supply Chain Management and director of the FedEx Center for Supply Chain Management, and Dr. Brian Janz, professor of BIT/MIS and FedEx Institute of Technology Innovator in Residence, recently received the 2014 Society of Information Management (SIM) Best Paper Award for their paper entitled, "Re-Visioning IT for Value: The Value Stream Initiative at Buckman." The reward will be presented at the 2014 SIMposium where they will also have the opportunity to present their work. This paper was co-authored with Tim Meek, CIO of Buckman, and John Oglesby, director of Corporate Systems and IT Governance at Buckman.

"Their hard work is most deserving of such a prestigious award," said Dr. Marla Royne Stafford, Great Oaks Foundation Professor of Marketing and chair of the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. "This paper is an outstanding example of university and industry collaboration."

SIM is a community of IT thought leaders that provides a network for IT leadership opportunities while exploring the IT's future direction and providing professional assistance in the form of online assistance and association and industry publications.

"Drs. Janz and Nichols' impressive SIM Best Paper Award reminds us that, through the collaborative efforts of academia and our local industry partners, innovative breakthroughs and inspirational thinking can be achieved," said Dr. Robin Poston, Papasan Family Professor and interim chair of the Department of Business Information and Technology. "Their applied research is a great example of how the Fogelman College supports businesses in our regional Memphis economy and beyond by engaging in meaningful dialogs concerning IT's value-add to business activities."

In this paper, an account is offered of the Value Stream Initiative (VSI), a comprehensive, value-based analysis of all IT-related activities at Buckman Laboratories, an international chemical manufacturer of 1,600 employees with offices and customers in over 90 countries. Focus is put on how the company set out to redefine itself and its IT organization using "value" as the focal point for analysis to address key issues surrounding the search for enhanced value from IT in Buckman's operations.

8th International Research Workshop on Advances and Innovations in Software Testing

The Systems Testing Excellence Program (STEP) of the University of Memphis at the FedEx Institute of Technology, in partnership with the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA), is pleased to invite you to participate in the 8th International Research Workshop on Advances and Innovations in Software Testing on November 3-4, 2014. The workshop features a full day of research paper presentations on Monday, November 3 and a full day of tutorials on Tuesday, November 4. The 2014 Annual Technology Review, organized by ITEA, will be held on November 4-6. Participants attending both events will receive discounted admission.

Location: Memphis, Tennessee at the FedEx Institute of Technology.

Accepted submissions: Theoretical and practical aspects of testing including hardware testing, software testing, requirements testing, and the testing of business rules.

STEP is an interdisciplinary research program under the auspices of the FedEx Institute of Technology that brings together the Departments of Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and Electrical & Computer Engineering.

The workshop is a mixture of presentations and open discussions, and the participation from both academic and industry practice generated a full and free interchange of ideas and methodologies on software testing.

For additional information, please visit

Dr. Thomas Stafford appointed editor for Decision Sciences Journal (DSJ)

Dr. Thomas Stafford, professor of Business Information and Technology, was recently appointed to the role of editor for Decision Sciences Journal (DSJ), a premier-level business research journal focused on quantitative aspects of business decision-making. DSJ specifically focuses on top-quality methodological examinations of the problems facing managers in modern workplaces.

Prior to this role, Dr. Stafford served two complete terms as editor-in-chief for another acclaimed journal, ACM Data Base for Advances in Information Systems. He also served as a guest editor for thirteen different journal special issues, including publications such as MIS Quarterly, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, and IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication. He will be joined by Dr. Cheri Speier-Pero, professor of Information Systems at Michigan State University, as co-editor.

"Fogelman College is thrilled that DSJ has appointed Dr. Stafford for this role," said Dr. Robin Poston, interim chair of the Management Information Systems Department. "In achieving this well-deserved recognition, Dr. Stafford has enabled the MIS department to further notoriety among the academic community by hosting one of the top academic decision-making journals in the field."

"We are extremely proud of Dr. Stafford's recent appointment to this prestigious position," said Dr. Rajiv Grover, FCBE dean. "Dr. Stafford's role as editor of such an acclaimed publication brings light to the high-level of academic excellence demonstrated by faculty at the Fogelman College and the University of Memphis."

"In the time that I have served at Fogelman College, we have aspired to match some of the most competitive and well-respected academic institutions in the country," said Dr. Stafford. "In bringing the Decision Sciences Journal to our College, we have now risen to the level of several of top-ranked BIT/MIS departments in the country as ranked by US News and World Report. This is a successful achievement of Dean Grover's vision for the advancement of the reputation, status, and global visibility of Fogelman College. Moving forward, we can now acknowledge that we have met the rigorous performance of many of our peer school and now can reach even higher in our aspirations."

TCB hosting interactive sessions with employers of Sedgwick, Methodist, and First Tennessee Bank

Technology Careers In Business (TCB) is a professional development program specifically designed for MIS majors. Focused on providing insight into different career paths and industries, TCB participants will interact with employers and learn more about cutting-edge technology programs. Program participants should have successfully completed at least one of the following courses, MIS 3770, 3775, or 3790. To receive credit, students must attend and complete all sessions in their entirety. To register, please complete the application form and return to room 274 or send to

Technology in the Insurance Industry – A Focus on How Emerging Technology is Creating an Industry Evolution
Wednesday, October 22; 4 pm – 6 pm
Host: Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc.

Technology is Transforming Healthcare for Patients, Families and Physicians
Wednesday, October 29; 4 pm – 6 pm
Host: Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare.

Technology Careers In Banking—Data Analytics and Security Career Paths for the Future
Wednesday, November 5; 4 pm – 6 pm
Host: First Tennessee Bank Each session is held at the host's facility.

Event details will be sent to all confirmed attendees upon completed registration. Space is limited so register early! Deadline for registration is October 10th.

Find additional information and registration form here.

AMIS hosting two part event on how to master the interview process

The Association for Management Information Systems (AMIS) is hosting a two part series on the secrets of mastering the interview process where real employees reveal their top secrets to a successful interview. AMIS is a registered student organization open to both graduate and undergraduate students interested in MIS. The mission of AMIS is to introduce students into the MIS profession and to provide students with opportunities that will enhance their educational and social development as an MIS professional. Join us and guest speakers from First Tennessee Bank and FedEx at these events! Pizza and refreshments will be served and all MIS majors are welcome to attend.

Session 1:
First Tennessee Employers
Thursday, September 11th
4PM – 5:30PM
FCBE 128

Session 2:
FedEx Employers
Thursday, September 18th
4PM – 5:30PM
FCBE 128

For more information visit the AMIS website or check out the event flyer here.

Bill Kettinger, invited editor at ECIS 2014

Bill Kettinger was an invited speaker at the 22nd European Conference on Information Systems in Tel Aviv Israel.. Bill presented on June 11 at the 'Meet the Journal Editors Panel' where he represented both MIS Quarterly and MIS Executive as Senior Editor. This session provided attendees with an opportunity to meet editors from the leading MIS journals, who shared key points about their respective journals. Advice was given to assist researchers targeting top ranked journals.

Department of BIT hosted Dr. Freddy Coronado from the University of Chile

The Department of BIT at the University of Memphis recently hosted a visiting scholar, Dr. Freddy Coronado from the University of Chile. While visiting in May 2014, Dr. Coronado built synergistic relationships with students and faculty across multiple business disciplines, engaged with students in masters courses, the Complete Professional Program, and MILE program. He also provided input for PhD student research and participated in industry partner meetings, sharing research insights and ideas in his area of expertise of internal management controls. Many of the long-lasting effects of his many engagements include work started with the Study Abroad Director drawing up a MOU, efforts pursued with the Director of the Fogelman MBA Programs sharing ideas about graduate programs and opportunities for collaboration, and ideas conveyed with the Chair of Excellence of Accountancy talking about how to incorporate corporate social responsibility on undergraduate curriculum and opportunities for developing activities with Chilean companies. Dr. Coronado also met with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and BIT and Marketing faculty to share teaching and research ideas. Finally, Dr. Coronado shared his research expertise engaging with local business partners at FedEx, StartCo, and St. Jude, among others. Dr. Coronado earned his Ph.D. in Accounting at Michigan State University, Contador Auditor at the Universidad de Chile, and Ingeniero en Información y Control de Gestión at the Universidad de Chile.

bit PhD Student Outstanding Teaching Award

We are happy to announce the recipients of the first Outstanding BIT PhD Student Teaching Award: Jeff Kaleta and Deepti Agrawal!

Jeff and Deepti

The Award is sponsored by the BIT Advisory Council to recognize outstanding teaching in the department by a doctoral student. Each spring, eligible students wishing to be considered for the award may apply with the PhD coordinator by assembling and submitting a packet of supporting materials. After careful evaluation by the selection committee, the applicants are selected and will be honored with a plaque during the BIT Advisory Council meeting.

Congratulations to Deepti and Jeff to their achievement!