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Dorm residents find recycling initiative 'right at home'

Residents find recycling initiative 'right at home'

A new recycling initiative is being introduced in student dormitories this semester, according to U of M sustainability coordinator Amelia Mayahi.

“We have two large laminated plastic bags in each dorm room strictly for collecting and separating dorm residents’ recycling,” Mayahi said. “Each student is responsible for taking their newly distributing recycle bags down to the assigned recycle zones and disposing of their recyclables there. Our collection crew will take all the recycling from the recycle zones and take it to our local recycling agency.”

Mayahi said residence hall advisers and dorm residents alike have been “very receptive.” She said she has met and will continue to meet with advisers and students to educate them on why sustainability is important and what the campus is doing to further that initiative.

Mayahi said the laminated recycle bags are large in size, can be washed with soap and water and are part of the inventory of each dorm room. Each bag has recycling instructions listed on the back of the bag.

The recycle zones are located in the dumpster area of each dorm. Mayahi said the materials that can be collected are: paper/cardboard, plastics #1, #2 and #4, aluminum, glass, metal and Styrofoam.

For more information on the U of M’s recycling efforts, go to: http://www.memphis.edu/recycling/.

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