Miscellaneous Department Waiver

Departments who wish to pay tuition, housing, late fees, etc must complete the departmental tuition waiver form http://bf.memphis.edu/forms/burs/tuition_waiver.htm

Please complete the form with the required information

  • Term Code
  • Student Name
  • Student U#
  • Amount of waiver
  • Index to be charged
  • FOAP
  • Requestor Name, Department, Date and telephone #
  • Approver must sign and date (Approver should be person listed as authorized signature for the Organization code per the Finance Program Guide)

This form should not be used for students who have GA contracts or for University Employees.

Graduate Assistants tuition waivers should be listed on their GA eContract.

University of Memphis employee tuition waivers are requested thru the Employee Education Benefit system which can be accessed thru the employee's MyMemphis account.  Further information is available thru the University Benefits Administration Office. http://www.memphis.edu/benefits/info/educ.php