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Approving the Interview Pool in workForum


  • After the search is closed the committee will meet to select interviewees.

  • The assistant or department head must COMPLETE the Applicant Pool Certification. Check "I certify" in two places. Fill in the list of places advertised and describe efforts to recruit women/minorities
  • The assistant or department head changes the status of selected interviewees to Recommended for Interview—Department. 

  • The assistant or department head changes the status of each person not recommended for interview to Not Hired and enters a rejection reason. If it is necessary to return to the pool later and request permission to interview someone initially in the Not Hired group, this is possible.

  • After the applicant statuses are changed, call or email the dean's office. There is no auto-generated email at this point to notify the dean's office that action is required.

  • The pool will be reviewed and approved (or questions asked) at the dean's level and institutional equity. The department will be notified by email when the pool is approved.

  • Conduct interviews.

Next Step: Submitting the Hiring Proposal

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