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Approving the Interview Pool in workForum


  • After the search is closed the committee will meet to select interviewees.

  • The committee must compose an Initial Pool Analysis which addresses why or why not each applicant was selected for interview. This may be in memo or spreadsheet format. The memo or spreadsheet is uploaded in the Documents tab by the assistant or department head.

  • The assistant or department head must COMPLETE the Applicant Pool Certification. Check "I certify" in two places. Fill in the list of places advertised and describe efforts to recruit women/minorities.

  • The assistant or department head changes the status of selected interviewees to Recommended for Interview—Department. Each interview must also be designated as Primary or Alternate interviewee. Primaries are the ones you must interview. Alternates may be interviewed if the Primary pool is exhausted and no appointee is selected.

  • The assistant or department head changes the status of each person not recommended for interview to Not Hired and enters a rejection reason. If it is necessary to return to the pool later and request permission to interview someone initially in the Not Hired group, this is possible.

  • After the Initial Pool Analysis is uploaded and the applicant statuses are changed, call or email the dean's office. There is no auto-generated email at this point to notify the dean's office that action is required.

  • The pool will be reviewed and approved (or questions asked) at the dean's level and affirmative action. The department will be notified by email when the pool is approved.

  • Conduct interviews.

Next Step: Submitting the Hiring Proposal

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