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Time and Leave (Faculty and Staff)

General notes on time and leave:

  • Staff members in benefits-accruing positions accrue both sick and annual leave. Salaried and hourly-paid employees accrue leave at different rates. See UM Policy 1262 for detailed information on accrual rates. Bi-weekly employees report time and leave every other Friday through an on-line timesheet. Salaried employees submit an on-line leave report each month.
  • Nine-month faculty accrue sick leave only; they do not accrue annual leave. Faculty sick leave is not reported on-online. The department chair is responsible for reporting faculty sick leave to HR.
  • Twelve-month faculty members, except postdocs, accrue sick and annual leave. They must complete an on-line leave report each month.
  • Postdocs accrue sick leave only. Postdocs must complete an on-line leave report each month.
  • Chairs are responsible for reviewing and approving timesheets and leave reports. This responsibility may be delegated to a designee. However, the chair must still approve the leave report of his/her designee. No one may approve his/her own time and leave.

Professional Development Assignments (PDA)—Faculty only

Leave without Pay (LWOP)—Staff and Faculty

It is the policy of the University of Memphis to provide approved, unpaid time off to regular employees for such reasons as (1) illness or disability of an employee who has insufficient accumulated annual and/or sick leave; (2) leave for educational purposes; and/or (3) leave for other justifiable personal reasons. See UM Policy 1572 for details.

  • Staff LWOP. For staff requesting unpaid leave, contact HR to process the appropriate paperwork. Notify the dean's office. If the staff absence necessitates hiring a temporary employee to cover duties, you may request funds from the dean's office. But be aware, salary lapse from staff positions does not go to the department or the dean: 85% goes to the financial planning office and 15% goes to the provost's office. There is no guarantee the dean's office can provide you with funds for temporary staff hires.
  • Faculty LWOP. For faculty requesting LWOP of six months or less, prepare a memo to the dean with approval lines for the dean and provost. For faculty LWOP of six-to-twelve months, prepare a memo to the dean with approval lines for dean, provost, and president. Leave requests for more than 12 months will not be considered. If a faculty member requests LWOP because s/he has accepted a position at another university and wants a year to see if thing work out, beware! If you agree to the request, you are tying up a faculty line for a year and it is highly improbable the faculty member will return. You want to think this through very carefully and consult with the dean first. Faculty salary lapse reverts to the provost's office.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)—Staff and Faculty

In compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), it is the policy of the University of Memphis to provide eligible employees up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave during a 12-month period for specified family and medical reasons.

Unpaid FMLA may be compensated if the employee has accumulated sick and/or annual leave. Such leave shall be used in accordance with policies governing the use of sick and annual leave. Starting on the first day of FMLA, the employee must begin to take accrued leave as part of the 12-week FMLA entitlement. University leave policies and the FMLA leave policy shall, therefore, be applied concurrently and not consecutively. In no event may an employee take any unpaid FMLA leave until he or she has used all accrued sick and annual leave. See UM Policy 1569 for details.

If a staff or faculty member tells you s/he may need to go on an extended medical leave, send that person directly to HR Benefits for a consultation. This protects the employee and the university.

  • Assign a staff member to take minutes
  • Assign responsibility and deadlines for action items.
  • Circulate the meeting minutes within one week after the meeting so people don't forget action items and deadlines.

Part II: Management Issues

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