DAVID HENDERSON - During the leave period, I revised 2 existing chapters a book MS, wrote 3 new chapters of that same manuscript, and undertook planning for another two chapters. My collaborator, Terry Horgan, and I also wrote a piece for presentation of a featured session at the Eastern Division Meetings of the American Philosophical Association. This piece subsequently became the basis for the sixth chapter of the MS. We now have 6 chapters in draft. 

During the leave period, Professor Horgan and I had useful discussions with Oxford University Press, and we sent to their editor a version of the introductory chapter. After an initial review of the proposal, the editor asked to see chapters 1-4 and 6, so that he �could be getting things done on [his] end [full sets of referee�s comments and contract approval], so that [we] would not be delayed by the review process.� We have strong reason to believe that we will get a contract from Oxford. Our hope is to revise the existing chapters and send them off to Oxford within two months. This would not have been possible without the grant, which allowed me the time to push ahead as the lead writer in this project. 

During the leave period, we also revised at least one collaborative article, since accepted for publication. I also revised and had accepted a piece, now forthcoming at Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Finally, I wrote a piece on �Norms, Invariance, and Explanation in the Social Sciences� which has since been invited for presentation and subsequent publication at the Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable�it was initially presented at a conference in The Hague. Last Updated: 10/9/15