RONALD R. SUNDSTROM - During the spring semester I was on leave due to the professional development award I was granted as part of my hiring contract. During this time I worked on my book, and gave chapters from the book to audiences at various departments. I delivered papers for a colloquium at Washington University, in St. Louis, for the committee on social theory and analysis, and a philosophy colloquium at Emory University in November. In total, I have completed three chapters thus far, and plan to complete another by the end of the semester. This is in addition to two other chapters that were previously written. In addition, I completed my chapter for the anthology I am editing, Dark Fictions. I also submitted two other essays to a journal and anthology. 

In February I delivered papers for philosophy colloquia at Vanderbilt, the Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Minnesota. My talk at the University of Minnesota concluded a two week visit there as a visiting scholar for their Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science. I was also a visiting scholar during mid-March at Washington University in St. Louis in the philosophy department and committee for social thought and analysis. In May, I and a graduate student whom I worked with, Donna Marcano, gave a talk at the University of Oregon in Eugene for their philosophy department´┐Żs collaborative works conference. These trips have contributed to my scholarship through the feedback of my colleagues, and have helped cement my role as an active scholar in my sub-area. Moreover, the time and academic resources that were provided to me by my visits to the University of Minnesota and Washington University have accelerated the progress on my manuscript Last Updated: 10/9/15