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Decreasing Weight Gain in African American Preadolescent Girls

The Girls Health Enrichment Multi-site Studies (GEMS) project is a clinical trial in which different weigh gain prevention interventions are being tested in two different Field Centers for high risk, preadolescent African American girls. Pilot data was initially obtained from four Field Centers, but only the University of Memphis and Stanford University progressed to Phase 2.

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Klesges, L.M.; Baranowski, T.; Beech, B.; Cullen, K.; Murray, D.M.; Rochon, J.; Pratt, C. Social desirability bias in self-reported dietary, physical activity and weight concerns measures in 8- to 10-year old African-American girls: results from the Girls health Enrichment Multisite Studies (GEMS). Prev Med. 2004;38(Suppl):S78-S87. Abstract

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Beech, B.M.; Klesges, R.C.; Kumanyika, S.K.; Murray, D.M.; Klesges, L.; McClanahan, B.; Slawson, D.; Nunnally, C.; Rochon, J.; McLain-Allen, B.; Pree-Cary, J. Child- and parent-targeted interventions: The Memphis GEMS pilot study. Ethn Dis. 2003;13(Suppl1):S1-40-S1-53. Abstract

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