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Instruction Curriculum Leadership

Office Location: 400C Ball Hall

Phone: (901) 678-5363


  • Wings (Mentoring young children) Frayser Elementary School kindergarteners 1993-1998 CREP & State Department
  • Inservice training Early childhood teachers Jan. 1994 Shelby County schools
  • Haiku (Japanese poetry) sessions Campus School Students/teachers March, 1994 Campus School
  • Action Team for Student Standards Project Memphis City School Teachers 1994-1995 Memphis City Schools
  • Origami Workshops Campus School 6th graders/teachers Oct, 1994 Campus School
  • Origami Workshops Campus School 5th graders/teachers Nov, 1994 Campus School
  • Interpreter for Japanese-speaking children Japanese speaking children 1994-1997 Riverdale Elem. School
  • Origami Workshops Campus School Art Classes March, 1996 Campus School
  • Origami Workshops Campus School Art Classes Nov, 1996 Campus School
  • Title 1 Support team Memphis City School Teachers 1996-1998 University of Memphis & Memphis City Schools
  • Presenter/Trainer Child Care Teachers March 1997 Salvation Army Daycare
  • Workshop Trainer Elementary School Teachers Nov. 1998 Seigakuin School, GA
  • Scholarship Committee member Lipman School 1998-1999 Lipman School
  • Presenter for Head Start Training Conferences Head Start teachers Aug, 2002 Shelby County Head Start
  • Child care grant writing team Christ Communion Childcare Center Fall 2001  
  • Board member Little Heritage Enrichment Center Fall 2001-present  
  • International Initiative team International scholars and students 1995-1998 COE, U. of Memphis
  • Playful science and math activities St. Francis Elementary School Students Dec 10, 2004  
  • Science for young children Little Heritage Childcare teachers Dec 20, 2004  
  • Developmetal milestones Parents of Collierville Methodist Preschool October 2005 Collierville Methodist Preschool
  • Japanese culture/origami sessions Lipman School Nov, 2005 Lipman School
  • Fox 13 TV Good Morning Memphis  FOX TV audience November 4, 11, & 18, 2005 FOX 13 TV
  • Origami Sessions Lipman School children Nov 2005 Lipman School
  • Multicultural Book reading and origami sessions Kidergarteners Jan, 2006 St. Mary's School
  • Reading books from Japan Toddlers Feb, 2006 Lipmans School
  • Origami Sessions 4 year olds Mach, 2006 Lipman School
  • Origami Sessions 1st graders Sept, 2006 Campus School
  • Origami and reading books sessions 4 year olds Dec, 2006 Bright Ideas Enrichment Center
  • Origami session Campus School first graders April 2007 Campus School
  • Constructivism Workshop Preschool teachers May 2007 Bright Ideas Enrichment Child care
  • science workshop preschool teachers Oct 2007 Bright Ideas Enrichment child Care
  • Science Workshop Preschool teachers November 2007 Bright Ideas & Hope House Child Care Centers
  • Science Workshop Preschool teachers November 2007 Bright Ideas & Hope House Child Care Centers
  • Thanksgiving Appreciation Preschool teachers Nov 2007 Lipman School
  • Origami & Literacy session Preschool teachers December 2007 Bright Ideas Child Care Center
  • Knitting & non-sexist session Preschool teachers Jan 2008 Bright Ideas Child Care Center
  • Japanese history sessions 6th graders Feb 2008 Mt. Pisgah Middle School
  • Constructivism Sessions Bright Ideas preschool teachers Feb 2008 Bright Ideas Enrichment Preschool Center
  • Science sessions Bright Ideas Preschool teachers March, 2008 Bright Ideas Enrichment Preschool Center
  • Origami Sessions Hutchinson Kindergarten children March 2008 Hutchinson School
  • Science sessions Bight Ideas Preschool & Hope Childcare Center teachers Oct, 2008 Bright Ideas Enrichment Preschool Center
  • Origami sessions Hutchinson first graders Feb, 2009 Hutchinson School
  • Kitting sessions First graders at Hutchinson School March 2009 Hutchinson School
  • Cooking sessions First graders at Hutchinson School April 2009 Hutchinson School
  • Special education in ECE Hope House Day Care Center teachers November 2009 Hope House Day Care Center
  • Diversity in ECD Hope House Day Care Center teachers December 2009 Hope House Day Care Center
  • Family Literacy Parents of Porter Leath Head Start Program January 2010 Port Leath Head Start
  • Annual Reading Fair's Judge Students of Pleasant View School January 2010 Pleasant View School
  • Outdoor play session Hope House Day Care teachers November 2010 Hope House Day Care
  • Head Start Toy Fair presentation Parents, teachers, and administrators November, 2010 Head Start Programs
  • Integrating math, science, literacy Hope House Day Care teachers December 2010 Hope House Day care
  • Constructivist science session Goodwill Homes Head Start Teachers Feb, 2011 Goodwill Homes Head Start Program
  • Science session Hope House Day Care Center teachers Feb, 2011 Hope House Day Care Program
  • Teaching science and literacy Hope House Day Care teachers March, 2011 Hope House Day Care Center
  • Reading books and doing origami sessions Evans Elementary School kindergarten children April, 2011 Evans Elementary School
  • Judge at the Annual Reading Fair of Mt. Pleasant View School Mt. Pleasant View Elementary school students April 2011 Mt. Pleasant View Elementary School
  • Self-control session to Hope House Childcare Hope house Childcare Center teachers September 2011 Hope House Childcare Center
  • Classroom management session to St. Ann School teachers St. Ann School teachers September 2011 St. Ann School
  • Population Connection session St. Ann School teachers September 2011 St. Ann School
  • Teaching peace Hope House Childcare teachers November 2011 Hope House Childcare Center/ Lipman School
  • Caring for children's souls St. Ann Preschool teachers November 2011 St. Ann Preschool/Lipman School
  • Social/emotional development of young children Hope House Childcare Center teachers March, 2012 Hope House Childcare Center & Lipman School
  • Affective development of young children St. Ann School teachers March, 2012 At. Ann and Lipman School
  • Science: Water play Hope House Childcare teachers April, 2012 Hope House Childcare Center
  • Science activities Hope House Childcare center teachers OCt, 2013 Hope House Childcare center
  • Science activities GoodWill Homes Head Start teachers Oct, 2013 GoodWill Homes Head Start
  • Professional development session Brooks Museum  November 2013 Brooks Museum
  • Professional development session Brooks Museum December 2013 Brooks Museum
  • Self-control for preschoolers Hope House teachers Feb, 2014 Hope HOuse Child Care Center
  • Motor development activities Hope House teachers March, 2014 Hope House teachers
  • Science session Hope House Childcare teachers Feb, 2014 Hope House Center
  • Promoting fine motor skills Hope House Childcare center teachers March, 2014 Hope House Center
  • Science: Cooking session Hope House Childcare center teachers April, 2014 Hope House Center
  • Diversity session GoodWill Homes Head Start April, 2014 GoodWill Homes Center
  • Toddler development session Cordova HIgh School Students March 24th, 2015 Cordova HIgh School
  • Diversity learners session Hope House Childcare teachers April 22nd, 2015 Hope House Center

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