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  • Berbary, L.A. & Dunnavant, B. (in review). Narrative Inquiry: LBGT Space and Place in Memphis, TN. Leisure Research Symposium, NRPA, Anaheim, CA
  • Dunnavant, B., Berbary, L.A., Overbo, E., Geiss, M., Schmidle, S., & Dannison, H. (2012). The Intersection of Aging and Spirituality in the Psychology of Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Women. Research Poster, Annual Conference for the American Psychological Association, Orlando, FL.
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  • Berbary, L.A. (2009). “Methods of fitting in”: Improving access to ethnographic leisure spaces. Leisure Research Symposium, NRPA, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Lewis, S. T. & Berbary, L.A. (2009). Vlogging genderqueer: Escaping margins through engagement in the Youtube community. Leisure Research Symposium, Salt Lake City, Utah.
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  • Berbary, L.A. & Samdahl, D.M. (2008). Do I laugh? White participation in African American humor. Canadian Conference on Leisure Research, Montreal, Canada.
  • Berbary, L.A. (2008). The journeying feminist: Tales of anger, possibility, and realization. Institute for Women’s Studies Student Research Symposium, Athens, GA.
  • Berbary, L.A. & Lewis, S.T. (2008). Caged in TR: Are the benefits always endless? Recreation Therapists of Indiana Annual Conference, Evansville, IN.
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  • Samdahl, D.M. & Berbary, L.A. (2007). Learning to interview: Class exercises to promote effective interpersonal communication. Society of Park and Recreation Educators Teaching Institute Conference, Clemson, SC.
  • Berbary, L.A. (2006). Complicating traditional leisure theory: A call to post-structural research. Interdisciplinary Qualitative Mini-conference, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.
  • Berbary, L.A. & Reel, H.A. (2005). Creative arts as therapeutic modality in Recreation Therapy. Southeast Therapeutic Recreation Symposium, Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
  • Reel, H.A. & Berbary, L.A. (2005). Exploring personal TR philosophies through creative arts. Georgia Recreation and Parks Association Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Berbary, L.A. & Anderson, L. S. (2004). Assessment of best practice implementation for inclusive recreation in New York recreational agencies. New York State Therapeutic Recreation Association, Albany, New York.

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