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Dr. Alison Happel-Parkins

Asst Professor

Counsel Educations Psych Research

Office Location: 303a Ball Hall

Phone: (901) 678-2897


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  • Esposito, J. & Happel, A. (2012). Oprah and Obama Made It, Why Can't Everyone Else?: Utilizing Intersectional Pedagogy to Challenge Post-Racial Ideologies Within the Higher Education Classroom. In C. Banks & S. Pliner (Eds.), Teaching, Learning, and Intersecting Identities in Higher Education. New York: Peter Lang Publishers.

  • Nordstrom, S. & Happel, A. (Accepted, Under Revision). Methodological Drag: Subversive Performances of Qualitative Methodologist and Pedagogical Practices. Qualitative Inquiry.
  • Happel, A. & Esposito, J. (2015, in press). Using Popular Culture Texts in the Classroom to Interrogate Issues of Gender Transgression Related to Bullying. Educational Studies, 51(1).
  • Esposito, J & Happel, A. (2014: online only). “You have to hold your own”: Investigating the Social Networks of a Diverse Group of Disenfranchised Urban Male Youth. The Urban Review. DOI 10.1007/s11256-014-0318-1.
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  • Happel, A. (2011). A Review of "Granito de Arena/Grain of Sand." Educational Studies, 47(2), 208- 210.
  • Happel, A. & Esposito, J. (2010). Vampires, Vixens, and Feminists: An Analysis of Twilight. Educational Studies, 46(5), 524-531.

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