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    • Selected Publications
    • Mullins, B.  (1997).  What does building a house have to do with learning?  International Journal for Lifelong Education, 16(3), 227-242. 
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    • Robinson, G. and Mullins Nelson, B.  (2008).  Pursuing Upward Mobility:  African American Professoinal Women Reflect on their Journey.  Journal of Black Studies.  First publiseihd on November 25, 2008 as doi:10.1177/0021934708325459.
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    • Johnson, S. and Mullins Nelson, B.  (2010).  Above and beyond the syllabus:  Transformation in an adult, foreign language classroom.  Language Awareness, 19(1), 35-50.

    • Brooks, C., Mullins Nelson, B., & Murrell, P.  (2010).  Personal and professional development for judges:  The institute for faculty excellence.  Journal of Adult Development, published first as DOI 10.1007/s10804-010-9106-7.  
    • Brooks, K. and Mullins Nelson, B.  (2010).  Identity integration in an individual with a spinal cord injury:  Case study of a veteran.  Research and Practice in Social Sciences, 6(1), 16-33. 
    •  Shepherd, J., and Mullins Nelson, B.  (2012).  Balancing act:  A phenomenological study of female adult learners who successfully persisted in graduate studies.  The Qualitative Report, 17(4). 

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