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    • Havard, C. T., & Reams. L. (in press) Investigating differences in fan rival perceptions between conferences in intercollegiate athletics. Journal of Sport Behavior.
    • Inoue, Y., & Havard, C. T. (in press). Exploring the contributions of spectator sport to the post-disaster recovery. Disaster Prevention and Management.
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    • Ryan, T. D., Havard, C. T., & Irwin, R. L. (2013) Sponsorship and state high school football championships: An analysis of consumer spending. Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual, 28, 97-110.
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    • Havard, C. T., Eddy, T., Reams, L., Stewart, R. & Ahmad, T. (2012). Perceptions and general knowledge of online social networking activity of university students. Journal of Sport Administration and Supervision. 4(1), 14-31. Published online May, 2012. (Editor's Choice Award)
    • Dwyer, B., Eddy, T., Havard, C. & Braa, L. (2010). Stakeholder perceptions of a universitys reclassification from NCAA Division II to NCAA Division I (FCS) membership. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 3, 76-97. Published online January, 2010.
    • Havard, C.T., & Doyle, J. (2014, July 13). Fan identification: Examining the reaction of fans after wins and losses. (Invited commentary)
    • Havard, C. T. (2012). Eagle blue: A team, a tribe, and a high school basketball season in Arctic Alaska. Journal of Sport Management, 26, 271-272. (Book Review)
    • Havard, C. (2007). Leisure and recreation management (5th ed.), Torkildsen, G. Journal of Sport Management, 21, 139-140. (Book Review)

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