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YeonSun (Ellie) Ro, Ph.D.

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    • Ro, Y., Cheatham, G., & Choi, J. (Under Review). Indeterminate futures of residency decision and linguistic practices: Comparison study of two different types of immigrant families in the US. NABE Journal of Research and Practice.
    • Sego, C., Ro, Y., & Park, J. (Under Review). Diversity Inclusion: Including all into one classroom. Childhood Education by ACEI.
    • Park, J., Ro, Y., & Sego, C. (Under Review). Which Country Do You Want to Visit?: Prompting children to be globally competent learners. Dimension.
    • Choi, J., Godina, H., & Ro, Y. (2013). Korean American immigrant language, literacy and identity: Perspectives from an ethnographic case study in a 3rd grade classroom. Asia Pacific Journal of Education. DOI:10.1080/02188791.2013.856285
    • Boudreaux, M. K., & Ro, Y. (Under Review). The Impact of Global Reading Strategies on Urban School Learners.
    • Carrie, F., & Ro, Y. (In progress). "I just love kids" Teachers' perspectives and motivations: Comparative review between North and South in the US. Manuscript in preparation.
    • Cheatham, G. A., & Ro, Y. E. (2011). Communication between early educators and parents who speaks English as a Second Language: A semantic and pragmatic perspective. Early Childhood Education Journal.39. 249-256.
    • McCarthey, S. J., & Ro. Y. (2011). Approaches to writing instruction in elementary classroom. Pedagogies. 6(4). 273-295.
    • Cheatham, G. A., & Ro, Y. E. (2010). Linguistic perspective on communication with parents who speak English as a Second Language: Phonology, morphology, and syntax. Early Childhood Development and Care. 1-14.
    • Cheatham, G. A., & Ro, Y. E. (2010). Young English learnersí interlanguage as a context for language and literacy development. Young Children. 65(4). 18-23.
    • Crandall, J. & Lim, S., & Ro, Y. E. (2010). The impact of IT: Pedagogical perspectives in university education settings. Journal of International Business Research. 9(1), 29-38.
    • Ro, Y. E., & Cheatham, G. A. (2009). Biliteracy and bilingual development in a second generation Korean child: A case study. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 23(3). 290-308.
    • Cheatham, G. A., Santos, R. M., & Ro, Y. E. (2007). Home language acquisition and retention for young children with special needs. Young Exceptional Children, 11(1), 27-42.

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