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  • Csaba Csonka, Zsolt Murlasits, Péter Ferdinandy, Tamás Csont. Ischemic Stress Adaptation of the Myocardium in Disease States: Role of Hyperlipidemia Book chapter in Advances in Cardiomyocyte Research. Editor: Peter Nanasi. Transworld Research Network. 2009: 245-265.

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  • Murlasits Z. Special Considerations for Designing Wrestling-Specific Resistance Training Programs, Strength Cond J. 2004 June; 26 (3):46-50.
  • Alway S.E., Martyn J.K., Ouyang J., Chaudhrai A, and Murlasits Z. Id2 Expression During Apoptosis and Satellite Cell Activation in Unloaded and Loaded Quail Skeletal Muscles, Am J Physiol Regulatory Integrative Comp Physiol. 2003; 284:R540-549.
  • Murlasits Z and Langley J. In-Season Resistance Training for High School Football. Strength Cond J. 2002 Aug; 24 (4):65-68.

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