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Constructivist Sexuality Research Lab

The Constructivist Sexuality Team focuses on personal constructions of sexuality and the meaning sexuality has for individuals and couples. Specifically we are interested in the subjective and uniquely personal experiences of sexuality for individuals in their social and relational contexts.  As a team we focus on issues related to body image, gender role, masculinity and femininity, and interpersonal competence as it relates to experiences of and satisfaction with sexuality.  While not specifically focusing on sexual health concerns at this time, our research includes issues related to STD and HIV prevention, contraceptive use, and sexual attitudes and knowledge. Our current research project also includes issues of self esteem, ambivalent sexism, relationship satisfaction, and self-objectification for both women and men. 

Through all of our research we endeavor to consider the impact of diversity, culture, and the media.  As a culture we are inundated with images and messages about sexuality and how one should be sexual, however rarely are these messages truly healthy or in any way informative.  Thus, an additional objective of our research is to disseminate accurate, well-being focused, and positive messages about sexuality in all it's unique forms.


Sara K. Bridges, Ph.D.

Linda Baggett, M.A.

Samantha Daniel, Ph.D.

Teresa Reeves, Ph.D.

Heather Dannison, M.A.

Kevin Powell, M.A.


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