Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

Time to Completion Table

All students entered with a Master's degree, and complete 99 credit hours during the doctoral program. Students who completed courses in their master's programs that substantially overlap with those required for the doctoral program (including scientific foundation areas of psychology - e.g., biological, cognitive-affective) may petition to substitute those master's level courses in; this does not decrease the total number of hours (n = 99) required for the doctoral program. 


Financial Information:

Program Costs

The Graduate School considers full-time enrollment to be 9 hours during Fall and Spring semesters, although the majority of students in the Counseling Psychology program enroll in 12 hours per semester if they wish to complete the program in four years. Full-time Graduate Assistantships in the department pay $18,100 (2015-2016) that covers in-state tuition and fees for 12 credits per semester (all students who have assistantships are considered as in-state) with the rest going to stipend. Funding from other sources may differ from the $18,100 figure. Although the department cannot guarantee funding for all students at the time of admission, all students who have desired a graduate assistantship in the last seven years have been provided with one.

 internship placement table 1 and 2

Internship Placement Table 2

Attrition Information: 

Of the students who have been admitted into the Counseling Psychology Doctoral program since 2008, only 3 students have departed the program for reasons other than degree conferral. Those students either transferred to another program or left for health reasons. No students have been dismissed in that time period.