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  • Pamela A. Cogdal
  • Richard K. James
  • Chloe Lancaster
  • Stephen Lenz
  • Daniel Lustig
  • Nancy J. Nishimura
  • Ronnie Priest
  • Dewaine Rice
  • Douglas C. Strohmer
  • Stephen Zanskas

Counseling Psychology

  • Rosie P. Bingham
  • Sha'kema Blackmon
  • Sara K. Bridges
  • Suzanne H. Lease
  • Richard Lightsey
  • Elin Ovrebo
  • Chrisann Schiro-Geist
  • Douglas Strohmer

Educational Psychology
and Research

  • Alison A. Happel
  • Yeh Hsueh
  • Michael M. Mackay
  • Susan Magun-Jackson
  • John R. McConnell
  • Christian E. Mueller
  • Vicki Sallis Murrell
  • Susan N. Nordstrom
  • Tony Perone
  • Ernest A. Rakow
  • John Smart
  • Karen Weddle-West
  • Ryan T. Williams
  • Denise L. Winsor
  • Yonghong Jade Xu
Faculty and Staff

Sha'kema Blackmon, Ph.D., Loyola-Chicago (2010).African American psychology, health care disparities and care-giver competence.

Sara K. Bridges, Ph.D., The University of Memphis (1999). Counselor training, couples and family therapy, human sexuality, and constructivist theory.

Pamela A. Cogdal, Ph.D. Southern IL. University-Carbondale (1989). Career and work-life balance, practice outcomes, assessment, suicide prevention and couples/relationship issues.

Alison A. Happel, Ph.D. Georgia State University (2011). Qualitative methodology; Post-structural, post-colonial, and feminist theories; Ecojustice and ecofeminist education.

Yeh Hsueh, Ed.D. Harvard University (1997). Development of children, cross-cultural study of preschool, development of developmental psychology, and instructional media.

Richard K. James, Professor. Ph.D. Indiana State University (1974). Crisis intervention, elementary school counseling, and anger management.

Chloe Lancaster , Ph.D., Texas A & M University (2009). Program Evaluation, career and college counseling, school counseling and creativity, efficacy of group interventions, foster care and adoption research.

Suzanne H. Lease, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (1989). Career counseling with racial and ethnic minorities, masculine ideologies and work/intimate relationships, multicultural counseling, spirituality in the LGBT population and their families.

Stephen Lenz, Ph.D, Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi (2011). Holistic counseling, counselor education, and supervision; outcome research; community-based program evaluation; counseling with diverse populations; single-case research design; career development and college readiness; influence of mentoring relationships on adjustment; Cognitive-Behavioral, Relational-Cultural, and Narrative Therapies.

Richard Lightsey, Ph.D, University of Maryland (1992). Resilience, the relationship between stress and depression, stress and coping strategies.

Daniel Lustig, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison (1995). Family adjustment and adjustment to disability.

Michael M. Mackay, Ph.D. University of Memphis (2013). Quantitative research methods; meta-analysis; motivation and performance of organizational members; the link between job-related attitudes and employee productivity; statistical/methodological consultant for CEHHS.

Susan Magun-Jackson, Ph.D. University of Memphis (1996). Retention/attrition in higher education, Life-span development, at-risk college students, instructional design and technology.

John Robert McConnell, Ph.D. University of Memphis (2013). Statistics and quantitative methodology; STEM research; teacher job satisfaction and retention; large-scale data analysis and the use of predictive analytics.

Christian E. Mueller, Ph.D. The University of Kentucky (2006). Adolescent development, cognitive development and cognitive processes, giftedness and talent development, motivation.

Vicki Sallis Murrell, Ph.D. University of Memphis (2005). Community of Inquiry and impact on student self-efficacy; Use of constructivism and cognitive-learning theories in online-mediated teaching and learning; Impact of evolving technologies on cognitive processes.

Nancy J. Nishimura, Ed.D. The University of Alabama (1991). Counseling biracial children and basic counseling techniques.

Susan Naomi Nordstrom, Ph.D. The University of Georgia (2011). Poststructural and post humanist theories, onto-epistemology, Deleuze, feminist new materialism, qualitative research methodology.

Elin Ovrebo, Ph.D., The University of Memphis (2009). Transition and adjustment of international students, GLBT counseling.

Tony Perone, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago (2013). Imaginative play and improvisational theater for learning and development across the lifespan, life-span human development, adult education and teacher education, second/new language learning and teaching, sociocultural theory and research, and qualitative and performatory research methodologies.

Ronnie Priest, Ph.D. The University of Alabama (1990). Victims of sexual abuse, multicultural counseling and community counseling issues.

Ernest A. Rakow, Ph.D. University of Chicago (1974). Teacher evaluation and innovative uses of statistics.

Dewaine Rice, Ed.D. Memphis State University (1980). Moral development of young adults, student affairs issues and clinical hypnosis.

Chrisann Schiro-Geist, Ph.D. Northwestern University (1974). Rehabilitation counseling and the development of international counseling programs.

John Smart, Ph.D. University of Kentucky (1971). Higher education, institutional research, and college environments.

Douglas Strohmer, Ph.D. (1979) Michigan State University. Clinical judgment and decision-making, medical decision-making and the Internet, personality assessment, counseling process, professional identity, men in counseling, and disability issues.

Karen Weddle-West, Ph.D. University of Tennessee (1982). Cultural diversity, minority teachers, child psychology, infant development, adolescent pregnancy, at-risk children.

Ryan T. Williams, Ph.D. Loyola University Chicago (2012). Quantitative methods for meta-analysis; Causal inference, design and analysis; Statistical computing; Psychometrics.

Denise L. Winsor, Ph.D. University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2008). Early childhood development, specifically developing a systems framework involving epistemological and theory of mind development in very young children; personal epistemology of pre-service teachers and how it influences their instructional techniques in the classroom; literacy and argumentation.

Yonghong Jade Xu, Ph. D. The University of Arizona (2003). Statistics and quantitative research methods; large-scale data analysis with statistical and data mining approaches; comparison of different data analysis methods.

Stephen Zanskas, Ph.D. Michigan State University (2007). Development of consultation skills in graduate rehabilitation counseling education programs, the psychosocial aspects of disability, professional issues and ethics

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