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About Dr. Murrell

Dr. Murrell began her career in higher education as the first Innovative Technology Specialist at the University of Memphis. In that role, she worked with faculty to include the use of technology in their teaching, and she coordinated faculty needs with the priorities of the Information Technology division of the University. Her interest in information technology and effective teaching methodologies prepared her for her role in Online Education at the University of Memphis. As Assistant Dean, Dr. Murrell spearheaded the development of more than 20 online degree and certificate programs, providing administrative support and course development guidance to faculty from all colleges.

As a faculty member in the Educational Psychology program, Dr. Murrell teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses, utilizing active learning methodologies to provide students with a foundational knowledge of human development. Success in teaching, for Dr. Murrell, is illustrated when a student integrates thought about a specific concept when listening to a story on NPR, or when someone shares that things in their lives make more sense because of the class topics.

Dr. Murrell's research interests include toxic stress and its impact on behavior and learning; the use of constructivism and cognitive-learning theories in online-mediated teaching and learning; the impact of evolving technologies on cognitive processes; and training faculty for online teaching.


Ph.D. Educational Psychology and Research - The University of Memphis - 2005
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction - The University of Memphis - 1988
B.A. History - Millsaps College - 1983