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Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research in Education (GCQRE) GCQRE Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research in Education

Only students who have been admitted at the graduate level at the University of Memphis are eligible to apply. Graduate students in good standing will be admitted to the certificate program on the recommendation of the student’s advisor and a review of the application materials by the EDPR qualitative research faculty. See application process below.

Successful applicants must

  1. have a minimum GPA of 3.0; 
  2. complete all Certificate Program course requirements with a B or above average;
  3. have a qualitative methodologist sit on their dissertation committee;
  4. complete the Certificate in Qualitative Research Completion Form.

Submit all application materials to:

Ashley Holloway
100 Ball Hall
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152

Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be subject to removal from the program following faculty review.

Certificate Course Requirements

The certificate requires 12 semester hours of credit. Below are the required and elective qualitative courses available to students:

Required core courses (9 credits):

EDPR 7/8561: Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education

                        Offered Fall and Spring semesters

EDPR 7/8562: Designing Qualitative Research

                        Offered every Spring semester

EDPR 7/8565: Qualitative Methods and Analysis

                        Offered every Fall semester

Example Electives (3 credits unless otherwise noted):

EDPR 7/8563: Applied Qualitative Theories and Methodologies

EDPR 7/8566: Writing Up Qualitative Research (Week-long Spring/Summer Retreat)

EDPR 8008: Directed Readings in Qualitative Research

EDPR 8081: Supervised Research in Qualitative Inquiry

ANTH 7/8075: Methods in Anthropology (4 credits)

ANTH 7/8076: Anthropological Data Analysis (4 credits)  

SOCI 7/8320: Seminar in Methods of Social Research

SOCI 7/8325: Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods

COMM 7/8332: Seminar in Communication Research: Advanced Qualitative Research                                             Methods

COMM 7/8434: Qualitative Research Methods

PSYC 7/8312: Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology


Because qualitative methods vary across academic disciplines, the way in which the credit hours are package may vary. The qualitative coordinators will assist students in developing a program that meets the needs and interests of the individual student while also complying with the certificate requirements.

We recognize many courses across campus can enrich our elective selection. However, we cannot list all current and future potential electives. If a student feels that a course outside of EDPR is appropriate as an elective, the student can complete the Petition for Elective form to be reviewed and approved by the qualitative coordinators. The Petition for Elective form can be found under the Forms heading to the right.


Qualitative Faculty Profiles

Qualitative Certificate Coordinators:

Affiliated Qualitative Faculty:


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