North Island, New Zealand 1994-1995

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north island new zealandFourteen broadband stations (CMG3T) and eighty high-and low- gain Portable Array for Numeric Data Acquisition system (PANDA) were deployed in North Island, New Zealand between September 25, 1994 and April 10, 1995 by Professor Jer-Ming Chiu and the CERI seismic network group. 

This research project was designed to study the propagation of high-frequency seismic P-waves from intermediate depth earthquakes in subduction zones, imaging three-dimensional configurations of subducted lithosphere and subduction zone coupling 3-D Vp, Vp/Vs and Q in the North Island. 

The network code assigned by the Federation of Digital Seismographic Network (FDSN) was "XP". 

This project was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and CERI.nsf logo




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